5 ideas travel in the Golden time

The font size of the Fall – the wonderful Golden time and the time for the most memorable and enjoyable stay. You can go to the sea, to feel its gentle glow and enjoy all the delights of the peak season. You can go to the mountains to appreciate the greatness and beauty of the Carpathian mountains in their autumn attire, and you can go to the most amazing architectural and cultural monuments of Ukraine. We will help tip to decide where to spend your holiday in the autumn in Ukraine. We present to your attention 5 ideas for an autumn holiday 2014.

1. Sea of Azov – the unforgettable velvet season

If for you is not a priority in the rest of the hot summer sun, if you like quiet and relaxation at the seaside, if you know all the delights of the peak season, then the resorts of the Azov sea – the best place to stay in autumn 2014.

Among the advantages of such rest on the Azov sea not possible to allocate a large population, abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits, cheap prices for housing and food. In addition, often in September and October stays pretty warm weather. During peak season can be perfect to sunbathe and swim.

On vacation in Genichesk you can improve your health at the local hot springs and lakes with mud. In hotels of Berdyansk in the autumn there are large discounts that will allow you to relax in the most comfortable rooms for a small fee.

2. Odessa – a cultural holiday and walk by the sea

Odessa is beautiful at any time of the year! In autumn it is cozy, extremely beautiful and as always positive. There is always something to see in Odessa . Fall trip to this magnificent city will give you relaxation in a quiet and peaceful Black sea or a lot of bright emotions while walking in windy weather during the storm.

Amazing architectural masterpieces, among which a special place is the Theater of Opera and ballet and the Philharmonic orchestra of Odessa . will make your stay in South Palmyra is truly fabulous. The variety of museums with unique exhibits to diversify leisure cultural excursions and will broaden the Outlook of your whole family. There are many wonderful places to go in Odessa with the child . to make sure your baby get the most vivid impressions. In addition, in early September, Odessa will celebrate city Day with lots of bright events and concerts.

In Odessa hotels usually fall a bit lower prices for accommodation, and this will make for a comfortable and affordable!

3. Carpathian mountains – a vacation on the Golden carpet of mountain of the Kingdom

Rest in Carpathians in autumn has enormous appeal for anyone who loves the mountains in a beautiful Golden foliage. Mountain Kingdom in the gold season shimmers with the brightest colors: from yellow to maroon. Among the most popular attractions you can choose to walk in the autumn forest, mushroom picking, visiting a raging waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and ancient architecture.

What else awaits you in the Carpathian mountains in the fall? It’s clean air, filled with aromas of pine needles, the opportunity to meet with local colourful culture, delicious cuisine. And yet, if you’re lucky at the end of autumn in the Carpathian mountains to see the snow, plunging into a real white tale.

Of the Carpathians will gladly take in the cozy and clean rooms to all its guests. Don’t miss the chance to relax on the Golden carpet of mountain of the Kingdom!

4. Lviv – Grand festivals and autumn charm of the ancient city

Where the rest fall in Ukraine? Of course, this ancient city Lviv. In autumn it is attractive not only for its beautiful architecture, nice-looking amid gold decoration of trees, and a wide range of exciting festivals and cultural events.

In September in Lviv is expected to hold the beloved holiday of the city “On Kava to Lviv” . in which traditionally will choose the best coffee shop in the city. A long time dream to get on this holiday and enjoy the incredible aroma and taste of coffee, then you here!

Also in September 2014, citizens and guests of the city will be able to visit the international book publishers forum . which traditionally attracts lovers of literature from different parts of the country and abroad. October in Lviv also will be filled with amazing events – this is the most delicious national chocolate festival and a Festival of cheese and wine .

Of Lviv in the fall preparing for a large influx of tourists, so hurry to reserve a room in one of them.

5. Kiev – welcome to the capital of the Golden foliage of autumn!

Autumn in Kiev is a beautiful, welcoming and cozy. This delightful town, where there is an extraordinary homely atmosphere, autumn becomes a kaleidoscope of warm and Golden hues. Strolling through picturesque parks, squares, squares fall of Kiev, you will feel his care and hospitality. Wonderfully dressed the trees in combination with the historic architecture of the capital will leave in your memory the most vivid and beautiful images.

If you love nature and history, visit the Park “she” Park “Kievan Rus” . and the Museum of folk architecture “pie “. The Golden tops of the cathedrals of Kiev on the background of red and orange trees, the mighty Dnieper river and its stunning scenery, hundreds of beautiful places and religious monuments – all this awaits you in Kyiv this autumn.

In the hotels of Kiev you can find the different price offers.

Now you know where the rest fall in Ukraine! Don’t be sad, if during your vacation will rain or a strong wind blows. After all, there is no bad weather, especially if you are in a beautiful new place. Enjoy every moment of your fall trip!

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