A Holiday without limits: carnival in Cologne

During the carnival, everyone can try on the mask to anyone and have some fun from the heart. Prostoturist has become part of a festive extravaganza at one of the most famous carnivals in the world.

Before lent long been accepted to have fun with lavish meals and alcohol. Even the word “carnival” (“carne vale”) is translated from Latin as “no meat”. Carnival in Cologne is a tradition that originated in the mists of time. She could not even destroy the Church, which has long been banned to have fun before lent.

The carnival takes place every year in February, but the date is adjusted depending on the date of the post. In 2013 festive event is scheduled from 7 to 11 February. Traditionally, the celebration lasts for four days and invariably begins on Thursday at 11 hours and 11 minutes.

Citizens are responsible for this event and the preparations begin early, in November. The carnival is organised by the city, the festival is always full of surprises, because the highlight of the upcoming action trying to keep them secret. Carnival in Cologne is really affordable freedom and fun, because this festival is free: he passes on the streets, and his party can be anyone. In addition to the processions are held ancient ceremonies, shows are held in the city squares and costume balls are held. All of these activities are more than 105 historical communities of Cologne.

Thursday. The first day of carnival – Vibrato – can safely be called “Women’s day”. It’s called “Babi Thursday”, “Indian mutiny” or “the Day of harlots”. Women transmit power in exactly 11 hours and 11 minutes, and from that moment they can all. They change into devils, witches and other evil spirits, take the city under control, try the assault to capture the town hall, hunt for men . compromising their… ties. Men in business suits, who hurry on important matters, we have in this day is not sweet. Women cut off their ties, thereby hinting that it is time to forget about work and to plunge into unbridled joy. Experienced and knowledgeable Cologne prudent men dressed in “Indian Thursday” paper ties, and unfamiliar with the tradition of the poor have to sacrifice Cologne witches detail of his wardrobe.

Friday. A small respite before the Saturday festivities. Locals and guests “warm up” gain strength in catering establishments, which for the period of the carnival are working around the clock.

Saturday. Day of the procession of spirits, or Gaystack. Anyone can dress up in the spirit and join in the festive event. The task of the ghosts to banish winter from the city. In addition to the processions on this day is organized a lot of parades.

Especially Saturday will please fans of militarized because this day is Funkenbusch – a traditional costume parade on the square Neumarkt.

Sunday. This Children’s day, because the feast arrange children. Actors and characters of all events, even the carnival procession, they become purely. They have to showcase their talents.

Monday. Called “Crazy Monday”, “Mad Monday” or “Rose Monday”. In 11 hours 11 minutes on the main square of the city begins mass carnival mummers parade. Festive procession stretched for several kilometers. In 2012, a procession of the “Shalom Monday,” consisted of 11 thousand participants, 500 horses, 128 platforms on wheels and 124 of the group. Giant platform of papier-mache, which represent different eras, doll huge size and orchestras.

Political satire – this is the main topic of huge puppets made of papier-mache, which illustrate and make fun of politicians and leaders of countries. The main characters of the procession, the appearance of which is expected especially: the Farmer, the virgin, which invariably disguised man, and the Prince, who bears the title of His Extravagance, surrounded by lush suites whose main responsibility is to disobey the Prince. Each year these roles are choosing the most respected residents of Cologne.

The demonstrators scattered with carts sweets (candy, cookies, chocolate bars), small bouquets, toys and Souvenirs. So by Monday, many are prepared in advance: choose a bag bulkier and occupy the best places to catch as much stuff. This Monday you will not be able to avoid drawing will be poured by the collar confetti, or carnival treat hot “budem” (kiss).

“Pink” Monday”, or Rosenmontagszug is the culmination of a multi-day celebration. On this day, the carnival collects the largest number of spectators – more than 1.5 million people. This makes the Cologne “Pink Monday” one of the largest street festivals in Europe.

Tuesday. Called “Violet Tuesday” or Vikingahgstar, which means “carnival”. In the evening of that day is burned huge straw man, which symbolizes the burning of all the sins accumulated during the year, before the beginning of lent. Local believe that together with the effigy burn not only sins, but also winter.

Wednesday. The last day of the carnival. Popularly it is known as “Ash Wednesday” or Alamito. In “ash Wednesday” at 12:00 am accepted to attend the service in the Cathedral, the priests draw with ashes on the foreheads of all the faithful of the cross. Especially the pompous worship service in Cologne Cathedral of the blessed virgin Mary and St. Peter is the main Shrine and landmark of the city. In 1164 were transported here the relics of the Three wise men.

On this day, the restaurants and pubs offer traditional “pepernoten” a dish of fish.

The carnival, the inhabitants of Cologne called “fifth season”, because these days all forget about work, problems and having fun around the clock. In no area wherever penetrated the atmosphere of celebration. Business life stops and gives way to the street entertainment.

How to become a part of the holiday?

Standard double room with all the amenities in the hotel with two stars in the carnival period is 60 euros per day. The same room with Breakfast included, but in a three-star hotel is 90 euros per day. Per night in a standard double room in the hotel with four stars, without additional services, will ask for a minimum of 100 euros.

You can get there by bus Kiev-Cologne. From Kiev travel only on Tuesdays and Fridays, from Cologne – only on Thursday and Sunday. In addition, the flights must be booked at least two weeks before departure. For the ticket to Cologne, you will pay approximately 900 UAH per person, will carry back is more expensive – for 1600 USD. For students there is a discount of 10%.

Fly to Cologne is much faster, but more expensive. Get ready to pay an average RS 5500-trip per person. Flights from Kiev to Cologne depart regularly. Cheaper (in the range of 2,000 USD) you can buy a flight of low-cost airlines Wizzair, but the flights are only on Mondays and Fridays. On other days the flights of the same airline you can fly to Dortmund, in this case, the round-trip tickets will cost about 1500 USD.

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