Autumn festivals and events in Norway

Oslo, September/October. This is Norway’s largest exhibition of contemporary art was founded in 1882. It gathers under one roof the many artists whose art evokes heated debates and attracts thousands of visitors. Famous names coexist here with a little-known Norwegian artists, who dreams to succeed. The exhibition presents works in a variety of genres, from painting and sculpture to video installations and theatre productions. The majority of works available to buy. Learn more about the exhibition (in Norwegian only). In 2015: from 12 September to 18 October.

The Ultima Festival

Oslo, September. This Scandinavia’s largest contemporary music festival is held annually for 10 days of September in Oslo. At various venues of the capital held many concerts, workshops, street performances and improvisations. Learn more about the Ultima festival. In 2015: 10-19 September.

Oslo marathon

Oslo, September. Oslo marathon. which is becoming increasingly popular, usually consists of three distances: 10 miles, half marathon and marathon. The event, which in 2012 was attended by 17 000 people (for comparison, in 2004 there were only 1500) – this is a great event for athletes and spectators, which includes a variety of recreation activities along the route and around it. Over the course of the contest will be broadcast on the big screen. The race starts outside the Akershus fortress and takes in many places of the capital. In 2015 the competition will start on September 19.

Street art festival Nuart

Stavanger, September. Nuart is the only street festival in Norway, which is held annually in Stavanger. In previous years this festival was attended by Norwegian artists, in particular Dolk and Babel, and the most famous masters from other countries, for example, Banksy. In every corner of the city armed with spray paint enthusiasts create as little graffiti . and huge wall paintings . prompting a passerby to think. You will like it! In 2015 the festival will be opened on 5 September.

Chamber music festival in Trondheim

Trondheim, September. If chamber music seems to you boring, you are not right. This festival, which annually attracts performers from all over the world is one of the most innovative chamber music festivals, where you will hear the classical music, but also many other genres, from songs inspired by tango music, to folk, jazz and rock. Learn more about the festival. In 2015: from 20 to 27 September.

Comedy festival in Oslo

Oslo, October. Want to cheer yourself up? At the festival, where all comic genres, from stand-up Comedy to cartoons, street theatre, musical and other, you can have a good laugh. Many events are held in English . In past years the festival was attended by Romesh Ranganathan, Stephen merchant, Kevin bridges and many others. To view the program of the festival (in Norwegian only). Date of the festival in 2015 will be announced soon.

Jazz festival DølaJazz

Lillehammer, October. Small, modest music festival, which is held in the chamber atmosphere and for more than 30 years collecting local jazz musicians and jazz lovers. The festival also gives young Scandinavian artists to perform in front of a wider audience. The festival hosts several concerts a day, and also hosts various free events. Events are held at several venues. Learn more about DølaJazz. In 2015: from 15 to 18 October.

The international film festival in Bergen

Bergen, October. The festival program included more than 100 films from around the world . including movies, most interesting components of the program, documentaries, art films and animation. Learn more about the festival. In 2015: 23-30 September.

The world music festival in Oslo

Oslo, October/November. Every autumn in Oslo is a Festival of world music. For six days the audience can see performances of some 300 musical performers and groups from all over the world. 15 scenes and music venues in the capital, the musicians are of high quality music . by showing their skills and creative skills . to meet the expectations of the curious public and satisfy the tastes of each. In 2015: from 27 October to 1 November.

The rakfisk festival

Fagernes, Nov. A festival dedicated to this native Norwegian dish. Rakfisk is a type of salted fish (usually trout, sometimes char. The fish is salted and then aged in brine for two to three months. The dish has quite a distinctive taste, but he sure does have fans, because every year in Norway consumed about 500 tons of this product. The festival is held in the homeland of rakfisk in Fagernes in Valdres (Eastern Norway) and annually attracts thousands of fans of this dish. In 2015: November 5-7.

The festival of animated film

Fredrikstad, Nov. Animation is becoming more and more popular genre, and the oldest animation festival in the Nordic countries and the Baltic States gathers artists from all over the region. The festival, which lasts for five days, shows, meetings with the audience, workshops and activities for children, many of them free. Learn more about the festival. In 2015: 12-15 November.

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