Beer Festival in Limassol

Cypriot beer is particularly appreciated by lovers of this ancient drink. In his honour on 18 July in the city of Limassol hosts the annual beer Festival.

Beer produced in Cyprus two largest companies:

— Photos Photiades Ltd, which markets its products under the brand λεων, but also produces beer under a license issued by the brewing company Carlsberg;

— KEO, which produces the eponymous beer.

Despite the worldwide fame of the Cyprus intoxicating drink, local beer brewing history begins with the 19th century, because of the rich history of winemaking. Beer Cypriots met only in the first years of the reign of Britain, as evidenced by the fact that after the transfer of the Ottoman Empire in 1878 the island to rent UK first arrived on Cyprus brought the ship about 500 barrels of beer. This fact speaks about how that have moved to the island, the British did not intend to change the longstanding drinking habits, but the beer on the island was not made, so it had to bring.

Although the history of the development of the industry of brewing rather short, Cyprus foamy drink quickly became popular throughout the world and marked the beginning of a great annual tradition – the beer Festival in Limassol. Within three days the beer flows like water, everyone can drink as much as you want and enjoy the accompanying universal festival festive and colorful events. The city attracts a lot of celebrities, especially popular festival enjoys among the rock stars, which, by the way, holiday guests can listen to for free, as all the performances are held outdoors. At night its doors hospitably open numerous discos, where they played both local and guest DJs.

Limassol festival is considered one of the most famous beer festivals in the world, among which we should mention:

1. The OKTOBERFEST. This Munich beer festival is undoubtedly the most famous of all existing, familiar to every lover of beer from every corner of the world.

Oktoberfest first took place more than 203 years ago, it was first held in honor of the wedding of the future king Ludwig I in October 1810. The annual holiday has become since 1819, when his organization was transferred to the city Council of Munich. For such a long period of its existence the festival has become the largest event dedicated to beer and annually attracts more than 6 million people.

In the framework of the Oktoberfest 2013 will be held the following activities:

— a festive procession of the Families of the Owners of the Tents, accompanied by the orchestras of tents;

— in the Schottenhamel tent passes the official start of Oktoberfest, in which the Lord mayor of Munich traditionally knocks the cork out of the first keg of beer;

— a procession was organized in honor of the 180th Oktoberfest in Munich;

— the first Family day at the festival, all adults with children will offer reduced prices on food, drinks, attractions and places in tents;

— at the foot of the statue “Bavaria” will be a concert Oktoberfests Ensembles;

— in a tent Fischer-Vroni Celebration of Gays and Lesbians;

— a traditional Bavarian shooting and much more.

2. VOLKSFEST IN STUTTGART. Is considered the main rival Bavarian holiday. The festival atmosphere of village life, nobody is in a hurry, fresh air and great beer as well as possible help to relax participants and guests of the event. Volksfest since 1818 is held annually in late September – early October. Lasts large-scale festival for two weeks, giving everyone the opportunity to join in the wonderful atmosphere of universal joy, accompanied by the enchanting procession of decorated wagons filled with barrels of beer.

3. LONDON BEER FESTIVAL. Held in early August and gives everyone the opportunity to taste more than 450 of the best Beers, including those made from wheat, barley, ginger and with the addition of various herbs. Countless tents with beer, ale and delicious snacks will not leave indifferent any gourmet beer. Due to the fact that the London festival no permanent organizer, every year it takes place in different parts of the city and this is its highlight, because every subsequent holiday is not like the previous one.

4. BELGIAN BEER FESTIVAL. The country where beer has become an integral part of the national culture, it is impossible to imagine without the annual beer festival, which occupies in the calendar of the Belgians pride of place. Belgian beer festival allows you to fully feel the old tradition of local brewing. Every Belgian town since the 11th century had its own unique recipe of beer. Locals are proud of the fact that Belgium is the world’s largest number of varieties of beer. The festival is famous not only by the variety of world famous intoxicating drink, but also a famous brewers parade, traditionally organized by the Confederation of Belgian Breweries.

5. CZECH BEER FESTIVAL. This is truly a Grand, spectacular event every year in mid-may collects millions of fans and foodies, delicious beer.

All the guests can try get the opportunity to try the beer made in the best traditions of Czech brewers. In addition to beer, the festival is known to offer here dishes of traditional Czech cuisine, especially meat products and beer snacks. It is noteworthy that the entrance to this famous festival is completely free. Feature of it was the original currency of payment– beer thalers, which can be found at exchange offices located at the entrance. Any beer at the festival you can buy 1 Thaler per Cup. Sell here except Beers on tap and bottled, both local production and import. Especially for families with children at the festival organized rides and other entertainment.

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