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Contact Us

Contact Us/Tech Support

All About Iceboxauto, who are they and what do they do, aftermarket radios

If you have any questions or issues with a product you have recieved, down below are all the channels to our UK Helpdesk in which you can contact us. Our prefered point of contact is via our Email address, but we also appreciate an in-person visit, so give us a call if you're stuck with a problem, or drive to our store and we'd be happy to give you a hand with any issues or queries you have about purchasing an OEM display unit, or a Tesla Style vertical screen for your car.


  • UNIT 11 Staduim Court
  • The Arena
  • Bromborough
  • Wirral
  • CH62 3AE
Landline: 0044 - 0151 334 2200 
Mobile: +44 07305 886 849
Whatsapp: +44 07305 886 849
For B2B Please use our email, listed above, but put B2B in the heading of the email, as we sort via this, we're interested in working with van and car rental companies looking to improve the interior of their fleet, which is something we recommend to improve the interior of the fleet, plus as the systems are Android OS, applications necessary to enable your drivers increased efficiency, i.e. Google Maps for deliveries, Maps for Taxis, and your own developed applications on the system, contact us for more information.