Event Festival Festivals V in Kemerovo

April 23 from 17-00 to 22-00 in the Theatre for children and young people in Kemerovo (Arch, 37) will be held for 5 account “Festivals”. The people will again be able to watch the best short films with the most famous Russian festivals: “Proftpd”, “Molybdenum burdock”, “shock”, “Radiant angel”, “Multimatograph”, “Vision”). And of course by the music block, this time appearing on stage will be a young team from Kemerovo “Call Me Darth”, and the headliners will be known not only in Siberia, the group ’s Paper tigers” from the city of Tomsk. On “FF” will be an exclusive screening of the feature film “be Careful, the holidays”, filmed Novosibirsk filmmakers. This year “FF” for the first time will work the second site, which will host various presentations, creative meetings with actors and Directors, film makers, journalists.

Paper tigers

20-40 Exclusive screening of the film “be Careful, the holidays” (Novosibirsk)


The first open championship in Kemerovo on the game “guess the movie”

Visiting the air “Radio Why Not”

The casting of actors for the film “Forest of the dead”

Art Playground

17-00 the presentation of the film: “Forest of the dead”

17-30 “Element in prose”

18-15 Program “Psychic” is on cinemas in Kemerovo.

19-00 Pitching scripts ’s Life – it’s a miracle!”

19-45 Meeting with the creative team of the film

“Caution, vacation”

20-30 film block


1) “Proftpd” (Cherepovets)

The festival has already taken a significant place in the Pantheon of Russian festivals for short films and is a perfect example of the combination of author and audience of the cinema. To participate in FF “Proftpd” is already one of the veterans. We present his program almost from the very beginning of the project

2) “Molybdenum burdock” (city of Guryevsk)

Our close and loyal friends – Guryev festival “Molybdenum burdock”, of course, and this year will be a full participant in cinema FF. But viewers expecting a real surprise! This year the folk festival Russia presented a very conceptual and art-house program!

3) “shock” (Anapa)

One of the most famous festivals on the territory of the former UssR. Spectators “FF” will be able to see the winner of 2014 – bright, shocking tape “pig neuter”.

4) “Multimatograph” (Vologda)

One of the most interesting and informative festivals in Russia is certainly “Multimatograph”. It takes place in Vologda and him this year, 10 years! Master classes, unforgettable show and simply chic the program each year – that’s what the “Multimatograph”. Movie night FF again will show the best picture of last year’s festival “Multimatograph”

5) “Vision” (Kemerovo)

This year because of a very powerful film programme with our, Kemerovo festival goers will be able to see only one movie. But they choose it themselves! In social networks there is an active vote for which picture is from the 2014 contest will be “Vision” for “FF” this year.

6) “Radiant angel” (Moscow)

In the program of our festival this year for the first time paintings by the best and brightest festival of Russia “Radiant angel”! So come and join a positive, glowing, magical! “Radiant angel” promises of goodness and light enough for everyone.


The headliners of this year, soft and atmospheric “Paper Tigers” from Tomsk (indie-pop, dream, post-punk), known not only in Siberia.

And will open the musical portion of the synthetic Quartet, “Call Me Darth”. Despite the relatively young age, the guys are already for the last few years to win the love of the audience (their debut incidentally took place on the “FF” a few years ago), to disintegrate, to meet again and plan to start with “FF” again to conquer the dancefloors Kemerovo!


– the exhibition is built-in which can participate anyone. For this we need to send your work Prerequisite: photos must be made on film. Work can be sent until April 20.

– the first and still the only one in Kemerovo Internet radio «Radio Why Not”  will delight the most current music news, as well as plans to hold a broadcast with the participation of spectators and participants!

– «WokFox” has already become a well-known food brand in Kemerovo will be responsible for stomachs and fed good mood all come.

– “Forest of the dead” is a feature-length horror film, which is going to take off in Kemerovo. The authors will present their first tape and talk about the plans for its creation, and then in the afternoons will hold casting for the roles in the film.

For the first time in Kemerovo under the FF will host the First championship game “guess the movie”. 16 teams, according to the Olympic system will compete for the title of Moviegoers Champions. The winners will receive prizes from our sponsors and helpers!

ART Playground

– Competition scenario ideas related to the “life is a miracle” is part of the forum “KinoSTART”. 10 selected ideas will be presented at FF, all winners will receive a free participation in the training Matthew Epanchintseva, a film editor, Director of the Practical school, a teacher of the Moscow film school. Scenarios of application of no more than 2 A4 pages can still be sent to the  The application should reflect the idea of the future of the film, synopsis, describe the main characters. Also the application should contain name and surname of the author, age and contact number. The application must attach a letter of motivation (why you want to remove this movie).

– Growing popularity of the project “Element” will be presented on the FF. And in a completely unexpected quality. We have the Element of will V. prose! Actors will read stories of filmmakers.

– producer and Director of film programs , part-time person responsible for the repertoire of one of the Kemerovo cinemas with courage and boldness to be prepared to answer everything, even the most hard-hitting questions about the films shown on cinemas Kemerovo cinemas and talk about the pitfalls of its formation.

One of the most important and expected events of this ‘Festival of Festivals» exclusive screening of the feature film “be Careful, the holidays”, filmed in Novosibirsk. In addition, viewers will be able to meet with the filmmakers. Before the screening, the authors will present their creations and answer questions on the topic: “How to remove a full meter in the capital”.

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