Fall festival

12-14 September Festival “Autumn in St Michael”

12-14 September in p. Pushkinskiye Gory, Pskov region will host the IX international festival for the promotion of books and reading ’s Autumn in St. Michael”. This is the ninth year in a conservation Pushkin places book festival ’s Autumn in St. Michael” library collects a community of like-minded people: writers, journalists and publishers, librarians from different cities and regions in Russia: Moscow and St. Petersburg and Pskov oblasts, Moscow, Kirov, Kaluga, Vologda, Smolensk and others.

The main thing that unites all past and future festival –

this is a conversation about the Book, about the importance of reading for the modern man.


IX international festival for the promotion of books and reading

“Autumn in St. Michael”

p. Pushkinskiye Gory, Pskov region

12-14 September 2012


12 September / Wednesday

The meeting of participants of the IX international festival of promotion of books and reading ’s Autumn in St. Michael” (Pskov). Departure to p. Pushkinskiye Gory.

11.00-15.00 Excursion to the State Museum-reserve of A. S. Pushkin ’s Mikhailovskaya”.

16.00-17.00 PushGory Central regional library (p. Pushkinskiye Gory, Pushkinskaya St., D. 3)

PSKOV PAGE “Autumn in St. Michael”.

* Literary and musical composition.

*Presentation of literary history and lore online magazine «Great shore” ( the Pskov regional universal scientific library).

*Presentation of the book ’s Known Vasnetsov”.


Master classes of the leading specialists of the regional centres of reading:

* Portal «Reading 21″ as a communication platform”.

* “Regional network action”.

September 13 / Thursday

The state Museum-reserve of A. S. Pushkin ’s Mikhailovskaya”. Scientific-cultural center, small hall (p. Pushkin hills)

10.00-10.30 Opening of the festival. Literary-musical composition.

10.30-14.30 Scientific-practical conference «the Promotion of reading in Russia: the range of ideas, concepts and practices”

1. The main stages of development of the program “Reading” Fund “Pushkin library”

Novikova Marina, General Director, Foundation “Pushkin library”. Moscow

2. The book in the cultural space

Meteorite Ilona Vitautasovna, doctor of philological Sciences, associate Professor in the Department of literature. Pskov state University

3. Centers reading: new contexts for the new decade

Stelmakh Valeria Dmitrievna, candidate of pedagogical Sciences, sociologist. Moscow

4. “reading Program” in St. Petersburg

Florea T. B., chief specialist, Committee for culture of St. Petersburg

5. The citywide Festival ’s always Read, read everywhere!-2012″ in St. Petersburg

So hot Elena Gennadyevna, head of scientific-organizational work and networking, Central city public library. V. V. Mayakovsky. St. Petersburg

6. Partnership in support of this reading experience MCBs them. M. Y. Lermontov

Ksenia Morozova B., Interdistrict centralized library system. M. Y. Lermontov. St. Petersburg

7. Literary classics in the classics library of the genre

Skurihina Jan E., chief librarian, Kaliningrad regional scientific library

8. Library program award “Educator”: the experience of promoting a book in the regions

Yuldashev Leonid, General Director, Napkin Jeanne, Executive Director, the Award “Educator”. Moscow

9. Electronic pushkinogorskii resources of the Pushkin house

Balakin Alexey, scientific Secretary of the Pushkin Commission, the Institute of Russian literature (Pushkin house). St. Petersburg

10. Presentation of the book ’s Alexander Pushkin. Poems”. Favorites. In Estonian and Russian languages

Belenkova Alla Ilinichna, author, publisher “SE&JS”. Tallinn (Estonia)

11. The first decade of regional centres of books and reading: opportunities, challenges and prospects

Yalysheva Vera V., Director, reading Center, national library of Russia, Chairman of the reading section of the Russian library Association. St. Petersburg

12. Reading – fashion beyond time: the program of the Central city library. M. I. Semevsky

Egorova Elena Vladimirovna, head. the reading center, they BTF. M. I. Semevsky. Great Luke, Pskov region

15.00-17.15 Festival-competition of the best projects to promote books, reading and libraries “Reading Russia”

17.30-18.30 Meeting with Nicholas D. Alexandrov . literary scholar, critic, television and radio (Moscow). Public lecture “Pushkin”.

14 September / Friday

The state Museum-reserve of A. S. Pushkin ’s Mikhailovskaya”. Scientific-cultural center, small hall (p. Pushkin Hills)

10.00-12.00 Discussion platform «the 10th anniversary of the reading centers in Russia: the consonance challenges and redefining tasks”

12.00-14.00 closing ceremony of the IX international festival of promotion of books and reading ’s Autumn in St. Michael”. Summing-up. The award ceremony.

The organizers of the festival:

The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation

The state Committee of the Pskov region on culture

The state memorial historical-literary and natural-landscape Museum-reserve of A. S. Pushkin ’s Mikhailovskaya” (p. Pushkin Hills)

A nonprofit Foundation called “Pushkin library” (Moscow)

The Russian national library. The reading center (Saint-Petersburg)

Russian library Association. Section in reading

SBIC “Pskov regional universal scientific library

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