Festivals and holidays around the world

In addition to the well-known Oktoberfest in the world there are countless events that can not childish to amaze tourists. But most importantly, these exotic and colorful festivals national holidays can add a quiet romantic getaway with a pinch of pure joy.

Fireworks festival | International Firework Festival

Seoul, South Korea

What to expect ” The flight from Moscow to Seoul lasts more than 10 hours, but in order to see how the night sky over the Han river painted in a million shades, worry this difficulty.

During the festival, in the air launch more than 50 thousand fireworks, the sounds of classical music and rock-n-roll form in the sky, an unforgettable sight. To reinforce the impression that the organizers of the festival has provided a laser show and concert halls this evening trying their best Korean musicians. With virtually every step of the way restaurants and street eatery with unpredictable for a Russian delicacies.

The morning after the festival, if the ability to amaze you persist, you can go in Gyeongbokgung Palace, where the Emperor’s throne room and the treasures of the Joseon dynasty, or get into the once secret place of the Korean aristocracy — garden Pivon in changdeokgung Palace.

When will the ” October 8

The chestnut | Chestnut Festival

The Murzha, France

What to expect ” chestnut Festival, which takes over from the annual Week of taste, takes place throughout France, but only in a small village the Murzha in the South of chestnut miracles that can not accomplish even to many Michelin-starred chefs.

Visiting the festival is an absolute must have for foodies and just curious people: only here you can taste specialties like risotto with chestnuts, stuffed Turkey or sweet chestnut mousse.

Attract travelers and dance to the sounds of folk, medieval bagpipes, and probably the only Museum on the planet chestnut. And don’t be afraid to get bored in two days festival in the village consume three tons of chestnuts and five thousand litres of cider. For privacy you can go to scattered above the village of Polminhac castle Pestle, in the interior of which has been preserved medieval frescoes, or to take off in the resort town of Vichy, known for the miracle hot springs.

When will the ” October 23-24

Monkey Banquet | Monkey Buffet Festival

Lop Buri, Thailand

What to expect ” Small town Lopburi from year to year becomes the epicenter of monkey joys: for starters two thousand macaques give four tons of fruit, vegetables and sweets.

Breakfast buffet for primates served in the scenery of the Khmer temple, Prang Sam Yot, and finished with treats, macaques are usually made for tourists crowding around.

Of course, there are them they are not taken, but posing shamelessly before cameras and carefully combed hair. Although all this love and affection is just a distraction: accomplices in macaques this time pulling in relaxed tourists glasses, phones and wallets.

If you leave the property you intend, immediately after the monkey meal, go to the Palace of king Narai, which has a rare statue of the Buddha, or watch the sunset in colored in yellow fields of blooming sunflowers.

When will ” on November 27

Festival of lights | Diwali

Mumbai, India

What to expect ” In the opinion of the Indians, there is no better way to celebrate the victory of good over evil than to illuminate the night lamps, lights and pyrotechnics. The festival of lights lasts for five days, during which people pray, give alms, bring food as a sacrifice to Lord Krishna, wash the statue with milk, give family with gifts and make sweets.

Because good prevails over evil in all the cities of India and even beyond, to catch the ritual celebration will be easy. With a special scale festival takes place in Mumbai: people decorate their homes with garlands, explode on the streets of firecrackers, and at the city, Chowpatty beach, thanks to the unceasing till morning fireworks, songs and dances reigned for a romantic atmosphere.

In between full speed, you can take the ferry to the cave temple on Elephanta island, which is crowned by a six meter high statue of Shiva, or plunge into the filming process another bollywood love story.

When will the ” October 26-30

Throwing tuna | Tunarama Festival

Port Lincoln, Australia

What to expect ” Only the Australians who, according to rumors, generally live upside down, could come to mind to celebrate Australia Day by throwing tuna.

The essence of fun is: frozen fish cling to the rope, twisted around the head, like a hammer, and throw for maximum distance. To expect to win, 10-pound tuna need to throw at least 17 meters. But if the roll fails, during the festival can be rehabilitated in the tug of war, swimming on makeshift boats or rise to the smeared grease the pole.

Those who post for the thrill is not enough, we recommend you to dive in the cage white shark, and romantics — Charter a yacht and spend the night in the open ocean. And do not be lazy to call in the fishing village of coffin Bay, located North of Port Lincoln: local oyster farm swim photogenic dolphins and seals.

When will the ” 23-26 January

A chocolate city | Eurochocolate

Perugia, Italy

What to expect ” Chocolate madness in Perugia whole week, and its scale would be envied even Willy Wonka. In the city center grow chocolate statues of gigantic proportions, local craftsmen practicing in creating edible castles and crowds of tourists meanwhile indulge in “sweet life”.

To taste all of the hundreds of types of chocolate girls do not advise even the Italians, however, might be offended if you decline the offered chocolate kisses (Baci chocolates with wishes).

But about unusual Souvenirs don’t worry: stalls during the festival pleasing to the eye not only sweets and chocolates, but also watches, shoes and even candles from chocolate.

But if there will come a moment when looking at the sweets you are no longer able, try to immerse yourself in the medieval romance of the city. Stroll through the Rocca Paolina fortress, the study is inspired by biblical stories the reliefs of the Fontana Maggiore and visit the ancient temples and terraced gardens Carducci, offering scenic views of Perugia.

When will the ” October 14-23

Photo: Legion-Media, Diomedia, Fotobank Agency / Text: Andrew Asfura

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