Gold autumn festival on the “Bridge of friendship

The festival programme were contests of singing, dance, theater groups, musicians, reciters of artistic expression, the national farmsteads and ritual performances, folk arts and crafts, held a tasting of dishes of national cuisine. Crowned the festival gala concert and awarding ceremony of the festival. Best in a particular category were handed diplomas, certificates, prizes and gifts. And for the winners in all nominations of the festival Committee for nationalities Affairs established a special prize. Participants in this brilliant event, as in previous years, dozens of original, talented creative teams, hundreds of performers from different cities and districts of the region.

The goals and objectives of a “Bridge of friendship-2004” high and noble: strengthening of international accord and friendship of the people, enhance the interaction of cultures, the preservation of a unified national and cultural space in the region, an introduction to the broad layers of the population of Tyumen and the Tyumen region with the best achievements of the multinational culture of Western Siberia… About this again reminded the audience of the leaders of the Committee for nationalities Alex Malczewski and culture Committee Eugene nigynsky. To this aim, productive and highly professional work of the staff of the Palace “Builder” together with Amateur performances of this or that ethnic group. The Director and leading a memorable spectacle was Valery Muratov.

Along with the performances on the stage walked a little further, walking in the national households: in Kazakh Yurt could drink tea from a bowl and listen to the melodies of dombra, behind a picturesque picket fence in the Chuvash courtyard (where grazing real live goose on a leash) were treated to traditional in this nation of beer in a Jewish home was offered to taste the matzah, and the Tatars introduced visitors with its centuries-old way of life – with log cabins in natural size, with the obligatory invitation to taste the dishes of national cuisine, with cheerful songs and dances…

The Cossack Kuren was steaming soup kitchen, spreading around the tantalizing appetite the flavors of old dishes, and the tables were covered by a friendly hostess. Their brave men in the Cossack uniform, hats, uniform and shiny boots pranced their horses, demonstrating prowess, others are inspired to play the accordion, bringing with his loyal friends ringtones of your favorite childhood songs. One of them – Vladimir Esakov, the accordion and the chieftain of the regional center of Cossack culture “Blogerotici” says: “All of our ancestors came from the lower don. And our wives – of different nationalities from different places. Cossack because as married? To little wife’s heart was, and nationality-she has no one asked. But what if it was not clan, marrying a Cossack woman immediately becomes Orthodox. Because the Foundation of the Cossacks was, is and will be Orthodoxy. There will be a strong Cossacks – Russia will be invincible. Although it is known that in the army of Ermak and Pugachev were Bashkirs, Tatars, Kalmyks, Buryats…”. Yuri Rommel, chief of the Tyumen linear Cossack army, said: “it is One thing to bear military service by Cossack pattern, and the other to represent their ethnic and cultural identity. We are a branch of the Slavic people. And what is with us at all times were servicemen from other Nations, is a good tradition. Bringing public service by Cossack pattern, these men were not Cossacks, and kept his faith, culture, customs, clothing, word, honor their traditions, remained true to its ethnic roots. At the same time, they are attracted to us. We don’t overlook them, because it unites peoples of different nationalities on the Cossack idea.”

A little to the side from the speakers sounded rhythmic melody of Oriental dance. Tyumen Azerbaijanis gathered in a circle and ardently supported the young dancers, who succeeded each other, repeating age-old PA and certainly adding his fire and inspiration in an ancient dance that provoked the audience a grateful response in the form of warm applause and cheers. The small exhibition presents national musical instruments – old UD (relative Kazakh dombra), kamancha, saz. Regarding the latter, as recalled by the Chairman of the regional society of Azerbaijanis “Dostlug” Jamshid Fatullayev, the sounds of the saz in the East at all times accompanied by melodious ballads of the troubadours, passed down from generation to generation. Next – the splendor of handmade carpets. Azerbaijan has always been famous for these products. One of them carries a portrait of the great Nizami. “It’s a small part of my home of the Museum, said Fatullayev. – “Bridge of friendship” — the one occasion when you can show the rich culture of the Azerbaijani people, to acquaint the inhabitants of Tyumen and guests of the city with our art, to treat their traditional dolma, pilaf, and sweets – baklava, scarborou…” .

Belarusian compound lured honest people not needing the translation of the sign “Inn “potato” banner “Cal weasel at our house!” Yes sonorous songs of the folk ensemble “lianok”. Woman sitting at a spinning wheel, had time and a cradle with a baby swing, and a song to sing, and invite guests “in house”. The atmosphere of the Belarusian way of life and, surprisingly, managed to convey just a few terse but accurate strokes. Ludmila Tatarintseva, head of the Department of Belarusian culture, in the guise of mother-astigi beckoning us to himself and, for a few minutes out of the way, tells us that “stork” in Belarusian is “stork” that he brings happiness into the house. “After the war busly not settled in those villages, killing many people, she says. – Conversely, as the harbingers of human well-being, settled and settle only where there are children – procreation. To this day people notice: if the village is endangered, busly it does not settle. In Belarus, especially in the Chernobyl zone, a lot of these villages. Busly from there flew away forever. People moved to new villages, 200-300 kilometers away, and the birds began their new brick houses to make their nests. And suit aestii I wore today, because “friendship Bridge” is a great holiday, a symbol of love. We have a lot of fun and the guests, and especially our favorite ensemble “Vechorki” from Vikulovskie district. At our place has it all. Even the yellow cow: Oh, I see, “in the garden eating zucchini”. And if aistyha settled on Belarusian compound, it is possible for him to live, and the songs here will sound more than one year, then there will be a sequel of sorts, there will be new Tyumen Belarusians. Anyway, I brought my stork…”.

The highlight of the same Russian and European cuisine was that this time hospitable hosts were their favourite cartoon characters – Masha and the Bear, who treated everyone to Mead, made from an ancient recipe, pancakes with caviar, pies with cabbage, honey harvest this year… “And yet we have now made a lot of folklore groups, said the head of the Department of Russian culture Natalia Nelidova. — Here “Sudarushka”, for example, one of the most picturesque in Tyumen. I think next year will be much more “raisins”. I would like to wish all Russians living in our city and the surrounding area, would continue to be friendly and help me to make a compound with this horse that the cow was and immediately gave fresh milk… Because really we, Russians, if you like, you can do a lot to show to surprise many. Need to make sure that this was a real treat, to show the way our Russian village. Had the Tatars to bring some

the their ploughs, yokes, carts… as for Mead, it’s a secret I won’t tell you. You just have to take the book “Russian cuisine” and do everything as it says”.

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