Holidays and festivals of Rome

Speaking the language poetic, really, maybe a bit pompous, holidays and festivals – it’s kind of a rim of precious stone called Rome. Indeed, holiday is a holiday, so why not try timing your trip for any of them?

For starters, here is a list of national holidays of Italy; note that these days do not work not only of agencies and institutions in Italy, but the embassies and consulates of the country in other States.

1 January – New year

6 January – Epiphany (the Baptism)

April‑may – Easter Monday (day after Easter) and Easter Sunday

April 25 – Day of liberation from fascism

1 may – labour Day

June 2 – Republic Day

August 15 – “Ferragosto” (Ascension of our lady)

November 1 – All Saints Day, forefathers day

December 8 – Immaculate conception of the virgin Mary

25 December – Christmas day

26 December – St. Stephen’s Day.

As in most other European countries, the period of Christmas and new year holidays and vacations lasts from December 25 to January 6 – from Christmas to Epiphany. New year’s day (Capodanno) – one of the favorite holidays, it is celebrated everywhere, including in Rome. The city takes on a festive look, its streets and squares are decorated with appropriate Christmas paraphernalia. At the same time falls during school holidays, and of course, that children during the Christmas holidays is given special attention. If you are traveling with children, in Rome you must visit the Piazza Navona, which is a traditional fair and festival toys.

1 January in Italy also celebrated the international day of peace. One of the main events of this day is a solemn mass, which the Pope is St. Peter’s Cathedral.

Over the Christmas holidays the feast of Epiphany, or of Befana. Epiphany is a Saint, in whose honor in Roman Church service is held. But Befana is a good witch, sorceress, arriving in the night of 5 to 6 November instead of Santa Claus and endowing Italian kids gifts. Despite some, so to speak, “contradictions”, everyone is happy, fortunately, the days of “witch hunts” in the past. The feast of Befana lasts all day and ends in the evening on the areas where residents burned effigies symbolizing everything wrong in their life.

It is Befana, the legend, has prompted the Italians to throw right out of the Windows on the street of old furniture and other stuff, and watch the reaction of passers-by. However, not so long ago a law was passed prohibiting such activities. And it’s probably still good: a holiday celebration, traditions traditions, but to get the head any old table, to put it mildly, not very pleasant.

March 9 marks the Day of St. Frances Roman. This holiday, I must say, very original, because this Saint is the patroness of drivers. March 9, many Roman drivers come to the Church of Santa Francesca Romana, to get the blessing.

Spring is the time of Easter. Naturally, in the capital of the Catholic world, this festival is one of the most important of the year. Very solemn and powerful looks procession on Good Friday. The procession, headed for the path from each of the Roman Church, are merged into a single stream at the Coliseum and then go to the Palatine hill.

City day the Romans celebrated on 21 April, when, according to legend, the first Roman king Romulus founded the city. This is probably one of the most interesting days to visit Rome. First, the city is immersed in the atmosphere of antiquity, decorated with flowers on the streets solemnly held the procession dressed in togas “senators” and “priests,” and in the Coliseum and at the approaches of the “gladiators”, brandishing swords, spears and huge networks, demonstrative fights. And secondly, on this day, the entrance to the vast majority of the city’s monuments and museums are free.

Held in Rome in the spring and several flower festivals. For example, in early April, is the Azalea Festival, the Spanish steps and its surroundings are decorated with flowering azaleas. And in early may on the via di Valle Murcia (via di Valle Mursia) is “the Pink show”.

Will not be deprived of your favorite entertainment and sports fans. Sunday their matches at the Olympic stadium of Rome, conduct as Roma and Lazio. You can buy tickets at the stadium ticket office (tel 06 323 73 33), also at the box office sports clubs: Ass Store Rome (piazza Colonna, 360, near Plaza españa); Lazio Club Point (via Farini, 34, near Termini station). In the first two weeks of may in Rome on the courts of the Foro Italico (viale dei Gladiatori, 31) is a prestigious tennis tournament “Italian Open”, in which participate the best tennis players in the world.

June 2 – Republic Day. One of the most important and interesting events held on this day is the military parade on the via del Fori Imperiali. More peaceful, but no less interesting event takes place on the second Sunday of June in the suburbs of Rome Nemi. The hills around this city generously studded with wild strawberries, which, as they say, gives a unique taste of the water from the local lake. It is no wonder that this city hosts the festival and strawberries, the main action of which is the parade through the main street.

June 24, Romans celebrated the Day of St. Giovanni, the center of which is the Piazza San Giovanni Laterano, where the fair and street festival. Very spectacular looks of the night procession with candles, which is usually headed by the Pope.

Another holiday that is widely prazdnika in Rome, on 29 June, the Day of saints Peter and Paul, patron saints of the city. It is the culmination of the solemn mass, which the Pope is under the arches of the Cathedral of Peter and Paul.

5 August in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore is a festive service, during which parishioners showered petals of white roses. This beautiful tradition is a tribute to the memory of snowfall, according to legend, happened this day in 352. We remind you that so unusual for summer phenomenon was interpreted as a sign from above, and specifying the place where there should be built a Church in honour of St. Mary.

On 15 August the Italians celebrate Ferragosto – the Ascension of the virgin. From that day in Italy, the holiday season begins.

In early September in Rome begin “Notte Bianca”, “White nights” – under this name combined a variety of theatrical and musical events. Also during this period, many Roman restaurants change their rules and work and night until the last customer.

Another international festival called “Rome Europe Festival” also starts in September and lasts till November. Under him in the city speak both Italian and foreign dance and musical groups.

From the autumn holidays the most significant are All Saints Day (1 November) and National unity Day (4 November). Earlier in October, in via dei Coronari, via dei Coronari) antique market is held, is especially interesting at night when the stalls are illuminated by the light of flickering candles.

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