Holidays and festivals Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a fantastic country and festive celebrations. In the country every year are marked by many celebrations and festivals. The people of Uzbekistan and is distinguished by its generosity and the hospitality and generosity of the soul.

Among the huge number of holidays one of the most important holiday is the Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan. celebrated on September 1 the whole country. On 31 August 1991, when the country seceded from the UssR, was held on 7 Extraordinary session of the Supreme Council of the Republic, in which Uzbekistan was proclaimed as an independent country.

This holiday is a symbol of unity of the multinational people of Uzbekistan. The population of the country widely celebrated the Day of Independence, on the occasion of the feast arranged nationwide festivals and celebrations, this day is declared the weekends, I work all the parks and squares of the country, and the main square of the country – area “independence” (“Independence”). This holiday is a demonstration of the Patriotic spirit of the citizens of the country.

Another public holiday of the country is the Constitution Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan. which is celebrated on 8 December . The current Constitution – the basic law was adopted in 1992 at the 11th session of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Uzbekistan .

As for the holiday men, 14 January the Uzbek people celebrate the Day of Motherland defenders. On this day in 1992 it was decided to create a new army of independent Uzbekistan.

The Uzbek people historically, so they are very carefully and with great respect to the woman. After all, the woman – is the mother, the woman – it is the Keeper of the hearth, the woman – this is perhaps the most perfect creature on earth and the ideal of beauty.… On this occasion in the country, and throughout the world widely and solemnly celebrated on March 8 – international Women’s Day.

On this day the holiday is celebrated, as a rule, couples, families or various other big companies. In the bazaars of the country from the early morning beautiful flowers and gorgeous gifts.

The next most important holiday of the Uzbek people is a celebration of spring and prosperity, beauty and harmony Navruz – March 21.

This festival has a deep history. As reported by ancient sources, this holiday was widely celebrated many centuries ago. Navruz has been the subject of inspiration for many poets and men of science.

On this day the whole country celebrates the awakening of spring and nature. During this period the nature of the country obnarujivaetsya unique colors. It is Navruz is a vivid demonstration of generosity and great hospitality of the Uzbek people. According to the Eastern calendar is the feast of the New Year. On this day the bazaars of the country are filled with various sweets and amazing fruit and unique dishes. Uzbek national dish plov is prepared on this day in a special way. And, of course, a great decoration for any holiday table become sweet «Nichola” and “sumalak”.

Important for the people of the country holiday is a Day of memory and honor . celebrated on 9 may .Previously, this festival was known as “Day of victory” over fascism, now it is a celebration of the memory of the fallen and honor alive .

In 1941-1945 during world war II, the residents of Uzbekistan and the UssR had fought heroically against the fascist regime. Many families took their children-orphans in time of war. Striking example is that of the blacksmith’s family Shamahmudova — the family who adopted during the war 15 orphaned children.

Speaking of a developed democratic society, it is impossible not to mention freedom of speech and press. So in the country since 1994 annually on June 27, celebrates the Day of workers of the press and the media.

Also, in a country marked by many other professional events, for example, a very revered holidays like Day of teachers and mentors – 1 October, National Day of Militia, etc.

Uzbekistan is a country of a unique combination of climatic zones, which create excellent opportunities for tourism all year round. The government of the country pays great attention to tourism and tourist business. In this regard, in the country annually celebrate world tourism day on September 27 . On the occasion of this significant date throughout the country conducted a number of activities devoted to the development of tourism. Hosting international exhibition on tourism subjects that are moving out guests, experts and representatives of international tourism organizations from around the world.

Uzbekistan is also famous for the many festivals that are held not less solemn national holidays. Every year in the Surkhandarya region hosts the international folklore festival “Boysun bahori” – “Boysun spring”. This international festival in the highlands Baysun allows you to dive into the long history of rituals, traditions and customs. From historical sources it is in these areas was complicated by the great heroic epic “Alpamysh”. In 2001 Boysun district was included in the list of “Masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity” by UNESCO. Festival “Boysun spring” every year attracts a lot of visitors and lovers of folklore from around the world.

The country also hosts an annual international festival of eco-tourism destination. This is a wonderful festival celebration “Chimgan mechanical echo” . which annually gathers thousands of supporters of the environmental movement and fans of the original songs from around the world. The purpose of this festival is the development of environmental ideas travel and tourism, as well as popularization of the genre of tourist and art song. The festival, usually held in the beginning of the summer season, when nature Chimgan ski mountains captivates its visitors with unimaginable beauty and grace of natural dyes. This festival has a very long history and traditional features. Initially it was based only as a music festival poets bards, but today has a broader meaning. Annual festival «Chimgan mechanical echo” is the most unique pastime for fans of extreme sports and mountain climbing, as the festival constantly compete for the ascent to the top of Chimgan and. The festival regularly brings together representatives of Baltic countries, Russia, Germany, Israel and other countries.

In recent years, perhaps the most popular festival of the country has become an international music festival “Sharq Taronalari” . held each year in Samarkand E. the main venue of the celebration is not surprising, as the Samarkand is the center of ancient civilization and culture of the East, Samarkand lay in the roads of the Great silk road, which speaks not only about the development of trade and diplomatic relations between the West and East, but the fusion of cultures. Each year, the national music genre “poppy” affects thousands of spectators from around the world. At the festival participate also representatives of various foreign countries. Charles Aznavour speaks with great admiration about these places as “the mysterious and unique gem of the East” . He claims that it is “with this glorious international music festival of the people of Uzbekistan and clearly shows its openness to the world, the love of art, philanthropy, peacefulness and hospitality”.

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