Holidays Italy

After examining the main attractions of Italy. let’s try to figure out what holidays here are the most important. The Italians are very fond of fun and noisy festivities, it is said that in Italy every day a holiday. And it is not an exaggeration. The Italians almost every day something to celebrate – any public or religious holiday, set various carnivals, festivals, celebrations of saints, biennials, and so on.

Imagine, in Italy even got the Day of the protection of the Black Cat. although the rest of the world cats of this colour, it is customary to bypass the “tenth road”, so as not to attract trouble.

But the tourists in this country attract a Grand celebration, with thousands of crowds in the streets, with colorful costumes, lively music and interesting traditions.

In the ranking of the most popular festivals of Italy, from the point of view of tourists, entered the following events:

1) the carnival of Venice

Exactly 14 days before lent in Italy began arriving tourists from all over the world to participate in the most important holiday of Italy – the Venice carnival, which is also considered as the most ancient in Europe. The city of Venice and carnival procession without very attractive to tourists, and in the days of the carnival and is considered to be almost a fabulous place.

Nearly half a million people each year come to Italy to participate in this fun holiday with colourful masks and carnival costumes. This holiday came to the continent since ancient times, when under the mask was hiding and aristocrats and commoners. They partied together, sat together at the festive tables and wished each other happiness and health. The celebration is symbolic and full of mysterious traditions, some have survived to the present day.

A start for fun and processions through the city is the white paper dove, which was solemnly carried to St. Mark’s square Columbine. Suddenly dove into the astonished gaze of the people on hundreds of thousands of shiny confetti and the party begins! By the way, you need to catch a few of these “blasting” in the air and put it in your wallet to attract wealth. Masks and costumes before the holiday you can buy everywhere, from the usual cardboard 3-4 euros to ornate and exclusive, costing thousands of euros.

This carnival pervading not only the streets of Venice, but also the numerous channels through which it is possible to enjoy the holiday in a beautifully decorated gondolas. Traditionally ends the carnival in two weeks, a parade of the most beautiful costumes. And the bells in the late evening marks the beginning of lent.

2) the film Festival in Venice

This festival is considered the second largest (after the Oscars) cinematographic event in the world. Hosts the Venice film festival in late August and ends in early September. At the festival premiere will be accepted as full-length and short films. For screenwriters, Directors and other “experts” from the world of movies receiving awards at this festival is considered very prestigious – that’s like getting a “pass” into the world of Film.

The main prize of the festival is the Golden lion. By the way to watch the tourists quite easily. The cost of a ticket in one of the Palazzo, which hosts the festival premiere, ranges from 20 euros. Of course, on opening, closing and awarding to hit very hard, as usual hits the tapes are readily available. Programs such shows are announced in advance on the official websites of the festival.

3) the Festival of cuckolds

In December of each year in Italy is very unusual Holiday Cuckold. Near Rome, in the small village of Rocca-Canterano every year they celebrate this fun day, a tradition that go back centuries. This is sort of a comic procession of deceived husbands and wives.

All the participants put on the heads of cute little horns and colorful costumes, face paint colors and the fun begins. The organizers of the holiday show in front of a crowd of guests satirical performances on the theme of “betraying devotees and lovers”.

4) the feast of the “Pink night”

In early July in the Italian city of Rimini is a festival of Pink night. Despite the color scheme of the holiday, this is not the event for feminists. Grand celebration marks the symbolic mid-summer – Summer the New year. Invented the holiday, the mayor of the city in 2006, the year that the inhabitants of Rimini did not miss in the summer due to the absence of traditional holiday events. The whole Riviera of Rimini on the night of the feast “is colored” lights in pink.

It is a sight so unusual that it is simply breathtaking – pink beaches, pink hotels, rose street. But the citizens and tourists and even put on pink costumes with pink wigs, or at least decorate their usual clothes pink bow or ribbon. All night the fun continues under exciting modern music. For example, just last year the festival attracted in Rimini more than 2 million tourists.

5) fashion Week in Milan

This is the most luxurious “fashion festival” in the world. In mid-September in the Italian Milan brings together representatives from high fashion, to organize a Grand scale fashion show to show the latest trends and new collections of clothes, shoes, lingerie and accessories. Thousands of fans of this event come to Milan to see these collections, to purchase something, someone to sign a contract, to establish links etc. Even for tourists this holiday goes by.

On the streets of Milan are huge plasma screens, and every passer-by may see the most significant moments of this holiday fashion. Young designers organize a charity fashion show in open areas of the city, to see it can be anyone.

This is just a small list of the most interesting and popular festivals of Italy. And then there is:

The Italians are very noisy and with the “swipe” to celebrate the New year .

Valentine’s day is usually celebrated only by couples in love, cute Valentines are for “second halves”, but not for relatives or friends.

March 8 in Italy also exists, but temperamental Italians don’t like to celebrate this holiday, as they believe that their beauty men should “see” on a daily basis.

Very interesting for tourists to visit and at the Bottom of the White night in Rome. which is held traditionally in September. On this day, all the museums, galleries and other objects of the attractions are open to public and free admission all night.

In Italy there are a lot of festivals:

Cheese festival

Wine festival

The festival of chocolate

The festival of roast ducks

The truffle festival

Pizza festival

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