How to mark the international day of PI

Could not resist the uniqueness of this holiday! Even a little envy those whose celebration falls in the middle of March, because a theme party dedicated to the number 3,14, promises a lot of interesting! Do not even doubt that the organizers of the events already in my head spun at the thought of what should be pee-party. I will also sketch out a few ideas that will awaken the imagination. By the way, here are other ideas for unusual holidays .

It’s not a plan, and just ordinary for the site «Again the Holiday» the collection of ideas that can be developed into a full script.

Let this be a math party with taste of numerology. A lot of mystery, magic, unusual jobs that need to think and count. To find jobs on the Internet is quite simple. A holiday associated with the mystery of numbers can be done among adolescents, and adult company — it all depends on selection of the tasks.

Interesting facts

Definitely worth it to tell you why the Day the number «PI» celebrated on March 14 (answer below). A few more interesting stories and speculation about «the embodiment of chaos», and your guests are immersed in the mysterious world of numbers.


At the beginning of the holiday, you can conduct a quiz, the essence of which — to name as many songs that have numbers, because all the dance breaks are these songs: «Five minutes, five minutes», «33 cow», «a Million red roses», «Three white roses-white lie on a table», « the eighth floor for six hours of happiness thank you, thank you…», «Flying ducks and two geese», «Eighteen me already», «don’t cry Alice, you’ve become an adult, the Holiday has come, and you are already 16 years old», «Once a word, two word, will be the song», «two, through two winters», «My love is on the fifth floor», «you and I — two banks of a river», «Three sparks in the constellation Virgo», «Argentina-Jamaica 5:0″, «Where my 17 years», «Four black tsumasaki imp» etc.


Well, of course, poetry in this day will also be special. Give these poems to the guests. The numbers are chosen so that when they are saying you can hear the rhythm of the poetry of Pushkin, Mayakovsky, Yesenin or children’s rhymes:


It’s time to unleash a little bit of mystery. Surprisingly, even the most serious people begin to put the number and year of his birth and entered into a special plate to see how much in themselves, beloved, intuition, talents and individuality. This is called «Square of Pythagoras», the Internet will find a detailed description.

Mathematical magic tricks

This can be done in the form of presentation as entertainment during a gastronomic pause. For thousands of years people found a lot of interesting transformations of numbers when multiplying and dividing, mystery and even magic tricks with numbers, the essence of which is difficult to decipher. Such a great variety of tricks, will find no difficulty.


I recently was a participant insanely casino table games «Lotto» with cards and bochechki. Everything you need — standing prize to the winner. The prize converts the good old game into an interesting entertainment for guests.

Another option — bingo with the pulling tennis balls with numbers with your eyes closed. Here you can offer some prizes to those who pulled the ball with these numbers: 3 ,1, 4, 13, 31, 14, 41, 34, 43. Why? It has one or two digits from our PI!


All kinds of encryption, which combine the letters of the alphabet and numbers, there is already ready. Fun with guessing passwords can be offered to guests at the beginning of the holiday. For example, can look at the card Seating.

Day Number «PI»: what is known about the holiday

March 14 – an important holiday for physicists, mathematicians and all lovers of the exact Sciences. On this day, the scientific community celebrates the number “PI”, without which many of the great discoveries would have been impossible.

Its advent celebration obliged physics from San Francisco named Larry Shaw. He noticed that the writing dates March 14 – 3/14 – coincides with the first digits of PI. Going further, he found that the holiday should be noted at 13:59, that is, at 1:59 in 12-hour system. Thus, in the date of the holiday is hidden cipher in the number is 3,14159.

Even Pythagoras rightly said that our whole life is connected with numbers. The most popular number is the constant “PI”, which expresses the ratio of the perimeter of a circle to its diameter. Today, that number is used for geometrical, mathematical and physical calculations. Recently, scientists have proved that it even affects the structure of DNA.

The uniqueness of the PI is that the numbers after the comma are not subjected to any logic. Scientists say it — numerical embodiment of chaos. Through it, you can submit any constant. In the scientific world it is a common assertion that the number “PI” has its own mind and controls all the processes of the universe.

Over its thousand-year history there have been many attempts to unravel its mystery. In ancient times “PI” was considered equal to 3, however, Archimedes was able to determine it as a ratio of 22 to 7. Since then, scientists are trying to decode more symbols after the decimal point. So, scientists of the University of Tokyo were able to record a number to 12411-trillion mark!

People are not always aware of the importance of digital sequences PI after the decimal point. In Indiana far in 1897, proposed a law to round a number to 3.2. But mathematics Purdue University was able to defend the accuracy of the number, and today it is to them we owe the many discoveries.

International day of “PI” are especially popular in Europe and USA. American students are renowned for their love of unusual holidays, so on this day, many student communities are holding a Grand event.

Traditionally baked for the holiday “pipie” — a large round cake with the number “PI”. Around this pie is going to the entire company: toasts are pronounced, narrated interesting stories and mysteries associated with this number. The participants dance around the subject, symbolizing the number, solve mathematical puzzles. And every one of them dreams that will ever be able to unravel the mystery of the most mysterious numbers in the world.

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