Winter carnival in Kotor

The festival Which has been held for many decades and attracts to the city thousands of curious tourists. The residents of Kotor so I love this event that is now held even twice a year — the largest winter carnival and more modest in mid-summer.

Winter Kotor carnival famous far beyond the borders of the country. It attracts visitors and participants from all over Europe and neighbouring countries. During the holidays the streets of Kotor decorated with garlands and colorful posters, constantly filled with brightly dressed performers.

There are children carnivals and competitions, discos in masquerade masks, concerts. Along the streets, organize the shelves, where you can buy local delicacies (wine. cheese, prosciutto, etc.). A traditional symbol of the carnival are the masks.

This year’s Winter Carnival in Kotor will begin February 15, and the celebration will last until February 23. Organizers this year have become the Cultural centre of Kotor “Nikola Đurković” and the Tourist organization of Kotor, the patron of the carnival was organized by the municipality of Kotor.

As before, the streets will be lined up by thousands of tourists and residents of Kotor, Gad, than this year will be the surprise of many participants of the rally. In the Carnival Continue reading

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