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Your Idol? (ask the appropriate people)

. Since ancient times our Ancestors depicted the image of different Gods. Images were made of stone, wood, precious metals, etc. They were called in different ways: those that are in the form of statues – Idols, in the form of a relief image on the plane of the Image, in the form of painting Faces. Idols standing in a valley called “IDOL” (the Truth in the valley). Let’s talk about the Idols. The word Idol means: “Kum” ‘ – the relative “peace” -the universe, i.e. Idol – universal Kinsman. Idol helps us to install and support the two-way communication with the Ancestral God and His Power. Slavic Gods are our Ancestors and we are their descendants. Therefore, cutting out the Idol from the tree, people carve statues of their Ancestors and the purer the Master Heart and Soul, the better it depicts a particular God without distorting His Image. The image of the Gods usually sotarauta FROM the male species of trees: Oak, Beech, Ash, elm, Cedar. But the image of the virgin female: Birch, Willow, Larch, etc. The Idols are cut different symbols: Swastikas, Runes, Inscriptions. Dimensions Idols are from 1 inch (17.78 cm) to 4 fathoms (1137,44 cm) and above. Idol is kind of portrayed as a Wise old man, watching the deeds of their relatives and descendants. The man speaking to the Gods and Ancestors with love in your heart, Idol helps to focus and to establish with Them a spiritual connection. Idols are usually placed in Temples and Shrines, Ancestral Altars, sacred Groves, on the banks of water bodies, in places celebrations and Worship. On the Altar before the Idols are placed beskrovnyi sacrifices and ceremonies (pancakes, berries, nuts, etc.) the Energy of these products goes up to the gods and Ancestor, and They, in turn, through this channel, send us his help, support and blessing. Ancestral Idols are carefully stored and passed down from generation to generation. Ancient Idols keep the Ancestral memory of all the generations of Rodica that with Their help, offered gifts and ceremonies Ancestral Gods and ancestors. Than ancient Idol, the more expensive it is for posterity. Idol contributes to the disclosure of ancestral memory in humans. With Idols people can go back in time and see the life of their Ancestors. Referring to the Idol of Sorts, the man appealed to all his Ancestors, to his ancestral (genetic) memory, drawing from it all that he needs for living in the world of Waking reality. However, his birth canal increases. Man, like a leaf on the family tree gets more power from the roots – Ancestors and remembering them, honoring and praising, he feeds his Family with love, care and joy. Our Bright Heavenly Gods can manifest in the Waking World through people or through Idols. Therefore, the more Slavic-Aryan Idols will stand on Ancestral Altars, in Your families, the more opportunities there will be with our Gods and Ancestors to manifest in the Waking World, and their support and patronage in this grave for the Slavs and Aryans just needed time. Iodomethane know it well, so I try as much as possible to build their churches, to fill in space with your alien power influence and not let the Slavs and Aryans to Wake up. They even created a commandment: “do Not make yourself an Idol.” And they have in mind is the image of our Gods and Ancestors, so that we never have thought about what we Bozic-Svarozhich – grandchildren Light Salvano-Aryan Gods, and were slaves of the Lord their God. In times of violent iodoanisole burned in the first place Idols and the Image of the Slavic-Aryan Gods. After several generations, people began to forget about their Native Gods, losing Their presence in their hearts, a support rod Heaven and their Ancestors. As a result of this dismal situation in the Slavic-Aryan families of their Birth are a “wither”. because they were chopped off the roots. Children nowadays are born sick, and growing up, lose all concept of the Genus.

Hello to all the people who have business to tell me I PM 700 thousand

Everything your heart desires

1. Tutoring

2. Infobusiness

3. Trainings, consultations.

4. The manufacture of Soaps and cosmetics handmade

5. Jewelry making handmade

6. Manufacture of knitted products

7. The production of soft toys

8. Manufacture and sale of wedding accessories

9. Sell hand-made goods

10. “Garage sale”. your things, things from former

11. New year business: production and sale of Christmas decorations

12. Courses of soap making, felting, felt, etc.

13. Business of manufacturing knitted products

14. Online furniture store

15. Internet-shop of clothes, shoes and accessories

16. Online store hats

17. Online shop of bags, umbrellas

18. Online jewelry store

19. Online gift shop

20. Internet shop of cosmetics and perfumery

21. Online children’s clothing store

22. Online clothing store for full

23. Online store large plush toys

24. Online shop of accessories for Apple

25. Shopping, equipment, clothing and accessories for snowboarding/skiing

26. Online store of home goods

27. Internet store utensils

28. Online store knives

29. Online store of gym equipment

30. Online store of sports nutrition

31. Internet-shop of bed linen

32. Sex shop

33. Online chocolate shop

34. The online store of goods for hunting/fishing/tourism

35. Online store for pregnant women

36. Internet-shop of musical instruments

37. Online store chandeliers

38. Online store of honey

39. Online shop for water filters

40. Online store aquariums

41. Online lingerie shop

42. Online store points

43. Online tea shop

44. Online store of air conditioners

45. Online fabric store

46. Online shop “everything for needlework”

47. Online store rhinestone

58. Honey in bulk

59. Dance school (*subject to hourly rental space)

60. Organization of events

61. The school of drawing for adults

62. The school of music for adults (*subject to hourly rental space)

63. Website promotion, contextual advertising

64. Site creation/logo design, etc.

65. The provision of accounting and legal services

66. Recruitment Agency

67. Travel Agency

68. Repair and maintenance of computers

69. The organization of parties Dating

82. Courses of foreign languages

88. Repair of household appliances

89. Assembling furniture at home

90. A service for finding nannies for children

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