Perfumes with meaning


Standard odors, banal bottles, a boring formula of identical chypre-floral notes. ‘m tired of it, like most of our fashionable and experienced readers. Perfume with meaning – best Christmas gift for your loved ones. In our beauty review – the most original and amazing flavors that it’s impossible not to fall in love.

Aromas of April Aromatics create a state of harmony and well-being, stimulating our senses. Fine spirits are in the world of poetry and pure nature. We were happy to discover unusual flavor-spray Mountain Air Mist . it contains oil with strong antiseptic and antibacterial effect, which can be used successfully in periods of quarantine, for example, when you are surrounded by colds people.

Eucalyptus oil disinfects the air and protects against infection of any kind. Use this spray for travel, cleaning hands and surfaces. Mint, thyme and oregano is also a great stimulant in the morning. An absolute must-have for the first of January.

But that’s not the fragrant Arsenal against fatigue. Antidepressant from April Aromatics spray for body and interior Citrus Sorbet Mist will refresh you and help stimulate brain activity at the end of a long day’s work, so when you need to work a few more hours.

Several types of citrus oils in the composition have a strong influence nervous system. The aroma also helps with winter depression, but also in a constant state of anxiety and insomnia. In addition, the perfume wizard calms, and grapefruit oil has an antiseptic effect. Superbly refreshing the workspace behind the computer and even the whole office, as well as invigorates while traveling.

Next in our review – collection of scented candles and room spray from Herve Gambs – the result of unique research materials, flowers and plants, which reveal new sensations in the perception of aromas and transferred into the interior of the house the scent of flowers from around the world. A real delight of the guests will be called the set of perfumes for scenting rooms of the six pieces of black currants, cashmere wood and red bark.

In addition, we’ve admired hand-made perfume diffusers in the shape of a flower couture roses.

Real Christmas “elixir of the soul,” we found the brand Anna Paghera. eight songs from vegetable raw materials of high quality, blur the boundaries between the aromatherapy freshener for the interior and perfume for the body. They are designed to lift your mood and improve mental state during the protracted cold weather. It’s ironic interpretation of ancient elixirs created by alchemists and pharmacists who are constantly looking for medicine for body and soul.

Miracle elixirs elevate mood, enhance optimism, inspire, give lightness and awaken the fun. Luxurious glass bottle in the form of vials marked with a colored print Murano glass and placed in boxes covered with paper from tree bark. One of the most vivid perfume – seductive elixir Rosso Di Cipro . Helps to awaken desires and predisposes to love and be loved.

Dreamy fragrance of Blu D’arabia – for practical people, who are too much guided by the mind and not enough heart. In the end, the elixir of thoughts makes it lighter and lighter.

Gorgeous and original gift – a fragrance for hair and body from Serge Normant called Avah Eau De Parfum . which contains jojoba, aloe Vera and vitamin E. Instantly moisturizes the hair, sensual, seductive and alluring fragrance, and natural oils moisturize and nourish not only the skin but also hair. Sensual floral-musky fragrance impresses with exquisite notes of ylang-ylang, Jasmine, amber with soft woody and musky notes.

Sweet and at the same time, not sugary, delicate and exquisite aroma Chene from niche perfumery brand MAD et LEN we fell in love is a magical work of art of perfumery! Handmade perfume from the South of France – the pearl of any beauty collection. The main notes of the composition – the leaves and fruits of black currant. This fragrance will lift your spirits in the New year and ordinary weekdays. Antidepressant you no longer need. Layout in an old Apothecary style adds luxurious sophistication.

Our beauty-review of unique perfumes would not be complete without the original news from Veld’s called PRENDS MOI Eau De Minceur Fragrance & Slimming is a slimming perfume! The secret is simple: in case of contact with skin beta Proline in the formula of the perfume release beta-endorphins – pleasure hormones. Chain reaction leads to the plots of smell in the brain, resulting in mood. Pleasant sensations help to correct nutritional behavior, struggling with a “seizure stress”.

How about a cocktail of bergamot, Mandarin, grapefruit, Jasmine, ylang-ylang, lilac, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla and white musk? Mind you, this gastronomic composition violates the laws of logic: all that tasty and sweet, fragrant and you lose weight. What you need for the holidays! Spray the elixir everywhere can enjoy a high-calorie Christmas buffet, the temptations to eat heartily you leave.

We were thrilled from the perfumes in the performance of the first brand “cosmetics” – YESforLOV . Female and Romat YESforLOV Fragrance Rejouissance begins his exciting game with notes of lime, this spicy love at first sight. Aroma disarms its notes of saffron and spices and leaves no way to retreat. Words are superfluous, when the stage will be a delicate Lily, which is a duet with sugar plum. Bright and bold notes of amber merge in ecstasy with vanilla, turning into a real Sonata about sensuality and pleasure.

Rejouissance For Man – secret weapon of your men. As the author promises the brand Christian Palix, a blend of spices, amber and vanilla “will deliver checkmate in the game of love to your partner!”. Sensual leading notes of bergamot, pepper, cumin, saffron, immortelle, plum, patchouli, amber, amber and vanilla dazzle in the rhythm perfume of passion.

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