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From 14 to 22 September I had the honour to submit art-preventive film “not My problem” within the framework of the competition program of feature films of the 11th festival of cinema and theatre Amur Autumn 2013. The film won the prize “people’s recognition”.

Amur Autumn, fall victory

From 14 to 22 September I had the honour to present the film directed by Archpriest Alexander novopashina “not My problem” within the framework of the competition program of feature films of the 11th festival of cinema and theatre Amur Autumn 2013. The Amur Autumn festival now, 11 th year, takes place in the small town of Blagoveshchensk, which is located on the Amur river and directly at the Russian-Chinese border. In addition to its geographical location, the festival has another distinctive feature: in the framework of the Amur Autumn is the first and only enterprise competition performances! Why such an unusual choice of venue for such an important (one of the five best Russian festivals) activities? President and chief founder Sergey Novozhilov said that the first time having been in the Amur region fell in Blagoveshchensk and when the proposal to carry out in the city festival was approved by the municipality the way back was cut off. Since then, every year threatens to be the last for the festival, but each again sees the return of what has become a tradition for the Amur region.

2013 was no exception. The majority of Russians with awe and compassion followed the events developing in the far East, in the Amur and Khabarovsk regions where unprecedented rainfall caused the worst flooding in cities and residential settlements. With the blessing of his Holiness Patriarch Kirill, all the parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church joined in the matter of assistance to the affected families. The disaster did not pass and Blagoveschensk, but the heaviest blow fell on the surrounding towns and villages. There have been proposals to cancel the festival by a few of the Annunciation of journalists, but the organizing Committee decided – 11th Amur Autumn to take place! To take place, but to change. This year the festival was held under the slogan “We are together”, part of the funds earned from the sale of tickets for film screenings and performances go to support families affected by the floods, moreover, all the artists came free, on a charitable basis, according to the President of festival Sergey Novozhilov, only two of invited refused because of financial considerations.

“The concert crew was accompanied by soldiers in war, and now you’ve proven that you are willing to be together with my people!” he said at the closing ceremony of the Governor of the Amur region Oleg Kozhemyako, addressing the participants of the festival. Indeed, within 10 days of the festival, the artists went to all 16 districts of the Amur region, some several times! On the first day of the festival, a group of artists, including Igor Chernitsky and Mikhail Romanov, known Novosibirsk to participate in the festival “Russian Abroad, meeting in Novosibirsk” held last spring, two and a half hours were in the rain on the open stage of the city Free, homeland Leonid Gaidai, where they, together with other artists, laid flowers to the monument to genius Director.

On the first day of the festival and the screening of our film – “not My problem”. On schedule, the film was shown second from fifteen paintings. I was going to say an introductory word to the audience and not be afraid this word, a star jury, among whom were honoured artist of Russia Elena Yakovleva, Director, screenwriter and producer Valery Pankakoski and legendary Director, the author of the film “Theatre”, Janis Stretch. Saying a few words about what we wanted to make a film in the first place social values and thanking the selection Committee of the festival and Amercan who came to the show on Sunday evening, I sat in the first row and in the fear of listening to what is happening in the hall within the hour. The audience laughed where necessary, yelping where necessary, and at the end of the film filled the hall with long applause. The show was over. At the end of each movie, the audience appreciate the film on a five-point scale and throw the cards into the box at the exit. The next day, the employees of the theater, collecting cards with the voices told me that the audience was hindered, asked how to evaluate the film – the art or skill to the social theme? If the social theme, the “little five points”, said some of them.

As it turned out during the closure of five points was enough. It’s hard to describe my joy when at the closing ceremony, the host announced that the people’s choice award film competition of the 11th Amur Autumn festival awarded the film “not My problem”, Director Alexander Novopashin. Resolved – Amur crane will fly home to Siberia! In five minutes I wrote the priest, and five hours later learned that the movie was awarded the same prize, the results of the audience voting at the festival Kinoshock in Anapa, but at this point it was our first prize! We wanted to take a picture not for critics, not for art lovers, and for people – for people who can’t mind what is happening in our country, our children, and our neighbors, and these prizes, the prizes received by the votes of the audience, say, the prayers of Vladyka Tikhon, we coped with the task.

Before the end of the festival the jury has no right to discuss their opinions about a painting, especially with the mural, but at the end of the festival I had a chance to talk with Janis Stretch about the “not My problem”. Like many professionals, Janis janowicz was amazed that we as Amateurs in the movie business, managed to shoot a picture, moreover, a picture that touches a chord in the hearts of the people, which he said struck him, and which he rated as one of “the major works”. He expressed his sincere gratitude for the fact that he had a chance to see the movie Alexander’s father, and for us, the filmmakers, this gratitude of a man – a living legend – is above any festival awards!

Arthur Grishkevich CF “sober Generation” the author of the idea of the film “not My problem”

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