the Children go into the hall of dance dance …

Is a leading

Interviewer: Is that view?

What kind of shindig?

Why come here

You so completely alone?

Child: We wanted to play, to frolic, to shout.

And with their toys here one last time to dance!

Child: Because it’s time for us all to childhood to say goodbye,

Because in school we need to get together.

Interviewer: Why you rushed, and the script is not opened?

It is all in order: dances, games and puzzles,

Congratulations flowers and unprecedented beauty.

Child: today We excitement forgot all verses

Child: to Overcome his excitement,

get out all together out of the hall,

A celebration for us to start over.

Children go out of the room and get ready for the fashion show


Host: Sound, fanfares and trumpets sound!

On the holiday fun in a hurry the kids.

Today we are in school guys off,

Came with kindergarten it’s time to say goodbye!

Host: please Welcome, the most fun and unique class of 2013

Best kindergarten of the city of Krasnodar.

Ceremonial music is played, children groups come into the hall

Child: in the year various festivals,

And today is a holiday for us:

We are almost first graders,

Waiting for us bright and spacious classroom.

Child: many, Many years in a row We went to kindergarten, And now we grew up, In school we got to go.

Child: But sit on the sidelines parents,

And with the excitement of staring at you,

Like all first saw

Grown-up their children.

Child: today we Fly Like birds from the nest. Sorry to have to say goodbye, With kindergarten forever.

Child: In September other children

The new group will come.

Well, we close the doors,

We do large waiting

Child: Promise not to be lazy, Not to scream and not be naughty, Be diligent in your studies, Kindergarten not to fail.

The song “the Magic land of childhood”

Child: With a gentle sadness, “goodbye”!

Tell the group we native.

We’re not parted,

Except in output.

Child: Here the builders were.

Doctors and tailors.

In our bedroom hundreds of times

Resting in the quiet hour.

Child: lay the table for dinner

Songs sang, danced,

Polka, minuet and the waltz.

Child: let’s Say the garden “goodbye!”

Waiting for us country school

And homework

And fun things.

Child: today And in the day of farewell,

We will not be discouraged! Kindergarten we will always be, a Kind word to remember!

The song “Ding – Ding kindergarten”

Moderator: Guys, would you like to look into the future and know what lies ahead? This will tell you the stars…

Voice stars: I – a guiding star! Can you hear me, guys?

Children: Yes!

Star: I see your future clearly

In life everything is perfect!

Have guys to work

To try and a lot to learn!

Your wonderful road

Going through it, you will learn a lot!

But it will happen later,

Now you have a guest unusual will come!

Is the Little Prince

The little Prince: Hello guys!

I am the Little Prince, Star of the country.

Ask any of the stars and moon,

The country was unusual this is

In the glow of bright light.

I’m in the night sky gazing at the stars,

Pro star secrets will tell you everything.

You these stars smile,

His dream share.

Child: Among children there is a rumor,

Child: Look, we fly to the planet wonderful

Name not known to us.

Maybe, we this planet need?

What surprises prepares it?

Child: We were on the planet “Childhood”!

It always happens in the neighborhood.

Her adults often visit in dreams,

And again back to your childhood dream.

Speech Kids.

1 kid: We wore dresses, and cheeks washed,

Beautiful steel and hastened to you.

2 kid: We’re fun, funny,

Were you even so,

We grow up a little

Also in the school come to you.

3 baby. Promise you guys

that without you in the garden native

We colors will not break,

all toys will save up!

Tutor kids. We wish you, that you studied on five! And today goodbye will invite you to dance!

Steam dance alumni

Graduates give the kids toys in group

Melody of flight


Child: then appeared in front of the planet.

What we got here? As we know it?

Maybe we this planet need

What surprises prepares it?

Aliens: You guys are funny,

We never want you to leave

we want you to play.


Aliens: what do you even know how to do?

Child: we can dance!

“Dance Of The Seeds”

Aliens: Well, we can, we want you as our dance teach? Come quick!

Dance with aliens

Moderator: Thank You. With you was very fun, but let’s go on the road to go, look for the planet “Dreams”.

Melody of flight

Child: then appeared in front of the planet.

What we got here? As we know it?

Maybe we this planet need

What surprises prepares it?


(Eng. and Franz. lang.)

Melody of flight


Child: Look, we fly to the planet wonderful Name not known to us. Maybe, we this planet need? What surprises prepares it?

Child: “planet colors” meets children!

Child: Gave paint me beautiful and bright.

I, of course, very happy about this gift.

But what kind of paint should I choose for the picture,

In order to give her mommy’s favorite?

Yellow paint: the sky is bright yellow sun,

And dandelion yellow laughs,

Yellow chick dropped egg shells

Yellow mother’s skirt.

Blue paint: Blue sea waves plays,

Blue sky right above us,

Blue shadows lay on the sand.

Blue and blue blossomed cornflower!

Red paint: Red poppies growing in a meadow,

Red berries in the coniferous forest,

Red cheeks of our guys,

The red ball in the sky, flying.

White paint: White snow in the fields,

Child: then appeared in front of the planet.

What we got here? As we know it?

Maybe we this planet need

What surprises prepares it?

Child: planet Health meets us all,

Live here the residents – the highest class!

Strong, healthy, clever, skillful,

It was all very cheerful, kind and brave.

Out – athletes, read poetry:

Child: We are brave, and strong, and agile

With sports always on the way,

Guys not afraid of exercise

Let the heart knocking in his chest.

Child: Health, strength, agility –

Here sports a fiery Testament.

Sports dance “Not children’s time”

Melody of flight

Child: Long we were in the way,

But the planet Dreams are unable to find.

Maybe there is a planet of Dreams,

Where sweet often I have dreamed a dream!

Where Windows are facing the street our,

Where mom’s morning cooking porridge!

Child: Where every morning I went to our garden,

Where each of us was very happy.

Child: You see, we grew a couple of inches,

Tomorrow at school we go!

Child: We at desks will sit down safely,

And we discover our primers.

On the Board, write with chalk

The letters first.

All: Hello, Hello, first class,

Teach us to learn.

The song first graders

Teacher: I See that you guys have an idea about studying in school, and parents are? Let’s find out! All together now, say the words of the sacred vows of parents of first graders!

You should loudly and clearly say YES or NO!

1.Children in school will help always? – Yes!

2. To children was the school proud? – Yes!

3. You are not afraid of challenges, the leapfrog? – No!

4. The formula to remember is nonsense? – Yes!

5. Swear children not to hit ever! – Yes!

6. Only slightly chide sometimes? – Yes!

7. Will be calm, as in the river water? – Yes!

8. The wise will, as in heaven star? – Yes!

Teacher: Well I see that parents-to-school ready! Well done!

Child: it’s time to tell you “goodbye!”

But still we are not going to be sad.

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