The Kingdom of light

the Kingdom of light — the festival “White autumn” from the first to the last day

Last year in the net I came across photos of the event, which attracted my attention. The photos were beautiful objects of unusual shapes and sizes, various forms of light bulbs in high-tech style. But most importantly, in these pictures literally felt the warm atmosphere of the event. These were photos from the festival of industrial design “White autumn”. I decided to visit it this year and in the end was not disappointed.

To start with, as a background to the events I would like to show you some photos of how it looked before the start of preparations for the exhibition. Blank concrete walls, beams, construction dust, wire sticking out of the debris and devastation. You will then be able to compare how it has changed over a few days. (images courtesy of the organizer “White autumn” Nurlan Turehanova)

Format Design Weekend suggests that he will be held for a few days. This year, “White autumn” lasted four days. I decided to visit the first day – the opening and the last to compare them. On the first day at the door of an unfinished residential complex – the venue of the festival gathered a large crowd of people. At the appointed time all literally burst into the hall apparently burning with curiosity.

And well, it was something to see. In a huge shabby room, with bare concrete walls and a certain sense of emptiness inside. tens of installation. In dark rooms were glaring hundreds of white lights.

In their cold neon light counterfeit designers and artists looked like something special. The lamp then had the most bizarre forms.

Some of them looked quite practical, they could be installed on the desktop.

Others had fantastic views and was more like an art installation.

Like shapes of light miraculously petrified by the will of their Creator in the most bizarre forms.

In unusual structures are not immediately discernible of things – pencils, racks, tables, stands, of which they were composed.

Some of them were really beautiful, sometimes mysterious.

In addition to the lamps in installations often see the theme of the books. You could meet the most unexpected editions in fine bindings.

It was a combination of books and light – special illumination for books. Despite its hefty size, the author has sold his work is quite useful thing in life.

In the absence of the aesthetics of the festival was to blame. Despite the fact that the works for the exhibition were done by different artists and designers, they all generally produce the kind of overall picture and it was a Palace of white light.

In addition to lighting installations could be found, and game breaking items in the water.

Another popular festival material – wood. Plywood products from chairs and tables to whole areas and rooms created from plywood.

Well, the final touch to this magnificent steel mirror. Through the looking glass – the basic concept of the festival this year. Mirror shared space, daily it, multiplied, visually increased.

You really seemed to be in a fabulous Wonderland, not knowing what will meet at the plane of the glass.

Of course all this aesthetic attracted the audience. Their first reaction was the desire to photograph the installation and himself in an unusual environment.

Well or sit on designer chairs out of cardboard. Amazing how these fragile-looking pieces of furniture has withstood all comers.

On the floor of the hall in different places were scattered eye-views quotes by famous architects.

The entertainment part of the event began with a short speech, one of the main organizers of the festival – designer and architect Nurlan Turehanova. He opened the traditional fashion show of the brand Mechanical Piano.

The chief designer of the fashion brand is his wife Aigul Kuandykov. A lot about the show can not say, because I practically don’t know anything about fashion. But the clothes on the models looked unusual. Strict and at the same time. Understated style at the same time vivid details, not giving things look dull.

The collection looked elegant and some intelligent. I think that the garment can be fans and buyers.

For the music at the festival, said the group Hapanasasa and DJs: DJ Mahambetov and DJ Isenov. Fascinating ethno, jazz, folk, electro-music group seemed to be carried to other worlds. The combination of dombra and electronic samples gave listeners a sense of genuine joy.

Vocal jazz singer Joan of Sattarova, the most beautifully performed classic jazz and Blues rhythms of all time, perfectly complemented the overall impression of the event.

In one of the corners of the room all the design team of the Mechanical Piano master wily machine Rube Goldberg – wildly complex mechanism with multi-action, different parts which interact in a Domino assembled from objects of everyday life and thus performs a simple function. Perhaps you have seen this in the movies. Guests of the exhibition had the opportunity to see him live, but unfortunately, to fully assemble the machine and bring it to working condition artists on the first day and failed.

A spectacular ending to the opening of the exhibition was the exit to the street. Empty, open night sky platform under the yet unfinished glass dome, in the openings of which are seen cranes. Isn’t that interesting? Fires in barrels helped the audience to stay warm while on the Playground held a spectacular fire show.

The fire dancers are expertly managed with fire poles and chains to the surprise of the audience. Their bodies merged into a beautiful, unique dancing with fire.

While everybody was admiring the fire show on the court was preparing dinner – a huge calf carcass roasted on a spit. I think for many it was the most romantic snack in life – under the starry sky at the construction site of an unfinished residential complex.

Two days later I returned to this Kingdom of light. On the day of termination of the exhibition of the exhibits have already managed to make. Nevertheless, people continued to arrive here. Many came to the exhibition for the second or even third time.

Nurlan turehanov, whom I met there, had a tired look. Not surprisingly, after all the last days he devoted himself to this event. Sitting down to rest he calmly said that today is the last day the exhibition was visited by about 300 people.

And if visitors open White autumn one could suspect that the interest they had not to art but to the carcass of a calf gerusama on the street, all who have come in the last days did it solely out of interest in the exposition and modern trends in design.

In a quiet environment they strolled through the empty mirror the areas that seemed especially huge without people and photographed on the background of the exhibits.

On the last day, finally had the opportunity to see the “legendary” machine Rube Goldberg in action. Surprisingly, on the last day of the exhibition, due to the small number of people and their unity in the desire to see a mechanical machine in the work there arose the warm atmosphere of communication with each other and with the art that I waited all this time. In this sense, the last day of the show I liked more than bright to events and spectacle presentation of the first day.

And of course I could not post videos of the wonderful machine. And even two (what you like)

P. S I advise Everyone to visit the exhibition next year.

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