The Most beautiful star couple Russia

Philip Jankowski and Oksana Fandera – one of the brightest pairs of Russian cinema. To their Union for over 20 years. However, for family Jankowski stable marriages are common.

Philip is the son of actors Lyudmila Zorina and Oleg Yankovsky. Oksana Fandera also from an acting family. Her father is an artist Odessa drama theatre. In 1988 at the birthday party of a mutual friend then a student of VGIK Philip Jankowski met Oksana Fandera. Within a month after they met future Director invited Oksana to marry him. The meaning of this act, he knew. Grandmother of Philip Marina Ivanovna taught his sons: “If you decide to marry, it is for life. Differently and do not have to start”.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Maxim Matveev met in 2009 in Kiev on the set of the film “won’t tell”. I immediately arose sympathy, and they were not even embarrassed that Maxim Matveev was married to Joanna Sexta. According to Liza Boyarskaya, they with Maxim realized that their feelings are serious when finished shooting in Kiev and they had to disperse in different cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg. Maxim Matveev immediately filed for divorce, and in summer 2010 they with Elizaveta Boyarskaya got married. However, even after the wedding, the couple continued to live in different cities due to work projects. 7 April 2012 the couple’s first child was born Andrei and Maxim Matveev finally moved to St. Petersburg to his wife and son. By the way, stern Elizabeth’s father – a famous actor Mikhail Boyarsky immediately accepted Maxim Matveev and approved the choice of his daughter.

The news about the wedding of Sasha Savelieva and Kirill Safonov surprised even many of my colleagues of the couple. The soloist of group “Factory” and a famous actor conceal the relationship and arranged a small ceremony in April 2010 only to close friends and relatives. They even managed to keep secret their marriage. According to Sasha Savelieva, her affair with Kirill Safonov has developed quite quickly. They met on February 22, 2009 at the club, and already the 8th of March, the actor gave the singer a ring and proposed. Sasha Savelieva quickly found a common language with my daughter first husband brother Nastya. However, while the couple don’t plan to have children, focusing on career. The secret to a happy relationship of the singer and actor is in full trust and respect the desires of each other. In addition, and Sasha Savelieva, and Kirill Safonov love to make each other nice gifts and never tire confess to one another in love.

September 9, 2012 after 13 years of marriage, Anton Makarsky and his wife Victoria became parents for the first time. Baby Maria was born in Jerusalem, where for a long time the parents live actor. The pair have long dreamed of the children and even thought about adoption. So the birth of a daughter for spouses became a real gift. Victoria Makarska admits that Anton is not only an ideal husband and an exemplary father who spends all his free time with the baby. However, Anton and Victoria do not forget about the career and touring concerts. Before meeting Anton and Victoria Makarska was promising and successful singer, but then focused on her husband’s career, and retired from show business.

Nadezhda Mikhalkova and Rezo Gigineishvili secretly married in the spring of 2010, and in November 2011 we were married in Georgia, the home of Risser. And although the couple at all events came together and did not hide their feelings, their relationship seemed serene not for everyone. Detractors accused Rezo Gigineishvili that he threw for Hope Mikhalkova first wife Anastasia Kochetkov and little daughter. In addition, cult film Director Nikita Mikhalkov allegedly did not approve of the choice of the younger daughter and immediately took Rezo Gigineishvili in the family. However, Rezo and Hope proved the seriousness of their feelings, and in 2011 the couple had a daughter Nina. In January 2013 there were rumors about a second pregnancy Nadezhda Mikhalkova after she appeared on a few parties in loose-fitting outfits that hide your figure.

Ivan Urgant and Natalia Kiknadze studied together in high school in St. Petersburg, but after graduation they parted ways. Ivan Urgant married while still a student, and after my divorce five years met with popular TV presenter Tatyana Gevorkyan. Natalia Kiknadze also managed to get married and give birth to two children. In 2007 Natalia Kiknadze and Ivan Urgant met on one of the social events and realized that still feel each other’s feelings. A year later the happy couple had a daughter who was named after my grandmother Ivana – actress Nina Urgant. And although Ivan Urgant was recognized as one of the most famous sexy Russian men, he remains faithful to his wife and spends his free time with his beloved daughter.

Relations Agnes Ditkovskite and Alexei Chadova, like many other stars began with the service of the novel. The actors met on the set of the film “Heat” in 2006 and did not hide mutual feelings. After a few years of a passionate affair Alexei Chadov beloved accused of treason, but after a few months asked her forgiveness. August 24, 2012 Agniya Ditkovskite and Alexei Chadov secretly got married in one of the registry offices of Moscow, and several days later had a party for loved ones. Wedding trip the newlyweds had to be postponed due to my busy work schedule.

Before meeting with Gleb Matveychuk and Anastasia Makeeva has already experienced a failed marriage to actor Peter Kislov and whirlwind romance with Alexei Makarov. Novel Anastasia and Gleb rivalsa rapidly, and two years later in 2010, the pair formalized relationship. The actors threw a party for friends. By the way, Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveichuk together chose the dress for the bride.

In an interview  at the festival “Kinotavr” in 2012 in Sochi Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveichuk revealed the secret of family happiness. “We need to be honest with each other from the beginning. In no event it is impossible to suppress yourself. You can compromise in the details, but fully adapt to the other person senseless. Each of us is formed identity that cannot be altered. When I start Gleb to prove his innocence, get angry, he calmly reminds me that a loved one need to accept the way he is,” admitted Anastasia Makeeva.

Ksenia Alferova and Egor Beroev got married in 2001 and were able to survive a difficult period in the relationship when detractors said about their divorce. The reason was the participation of Egor Beroev in the show “Ice age: the meltdown” and its close Association with figure skating partner Katerina Gordeeva. Ksenia Alferova and Egor Beroev denied rumors about the change of the actor and continued to appear together at parties. Ksenia Alferova argues that fundamentally believes her husband, who is the head of the family and a great father to their daughter Eudocia.

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