The pros and cons of the classic “low season”

Italy adorable, and wherever you come, you will be surprised by the beautiful cities and nature. Lots of different routes in Italy, will allow you to choose a trip to Italy . which will suit you best.

Weather in Italy in winter

Winter weather in Italy from soft along the coast of Sardinia, Sicily and the southern mainland of Italy to the cold and snow in the North. Some popular tourist places such as Venice, Florence . the mountain towns of Tuscany and Umbria can be covered with snow. Among the most important cities of Italy Rome and Naples is most famous for mild winters and attract many visitors during the winter holidays.

Nevertheless, Italian winter is still far from being Russian, and clear days are not such a rarity. The main plus from new year’s trip to Italy – it is an opportunity to leave behind the cold and slush of Russian cities and to plunge into the warm and Sunny atmosphere of the Italian land.

To Italy on vacation

Italy – this is the perfect place to celebrate the New year and to spend the Christmas holidays. At new year’s time, all the cities are decorated, hosts various holiday programs. Theater and Opera seasons are in winter its Zenith. A welcoming neighborhood, and local restaurants will delight you with Italian cuisine.

Winter tourist peaks

Enormous popularity among Italians and tourists visit Rome and Vatican city on the eve of Christmas. Other important winter holidays in Italy – New year and Epiphany. Last new year’s day in Italy is celebrated on the 6th of January, and this is the day when the Italian female version of Santa Claus – La Befana – bring the kids gifts.

Venice carnival

If Your path lies through Venice . we have for the winter and the famous Carnival.

Carnival in Venice is one of the oldest carnivals in the world, he’s known since ancient times. In Christian times the carnival was a chance to celebrate before lent. The ultimate flowering of the Venetian carnival is the XVIII century, when he appeared harlequin, Pierrot, Pantaloon, Columbine, and also at this time came the fashion of Venetian masks. The word carnival means “carnis laxatio” which means “farewell, meat!”i.e. the rejection of meat and indicates the last night before lent.

Opening of carnival in Venice – the ritual Volo della Colombina (Volo della Colombina): from the bell tower in St. Mark’s square launch paper dove Columbine which is scattered by the tourists on top of the confetti.

All the days of the carnival hosts various theatrical performances. In the Piazza San Marco tournaments, ancient game. The streets are held performances with musicians, artists, contests masked. On the Grand Canal masked men try the chocolate and pancakes, typical carnival sweets. The carnival ends with the burning of effigies, fireworks and General dancing in the Piazza San Marco . The next day, Venice returns to his normal life.

The date of the Venice carnival, in 2014 – from 15 February to 04 March.

Ski resorts in Italy

Ski resorts in Italy . including Olympic objects of Piedmont, built for the Winter games of 2006 year, in the Alps and mount Etna in Sicily for the winter life is awakened, attracting fans of winter sports.

Italy is well known as one of the best proposals for the winter holidays. Italian Alps that stretch over thousands of kilometres, approximately 3,300 km equipped ski slopes and nearly 4.5 thousand lifts.

It was here, on the border with France, is the highest and most beautiful peak of mount Blanc, which is located near the famous ski resort of Courmayeur.

Two magnificent snow-capped peaks of the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa tower on the border with Switzerland, where welcomes tourists to the famous ski resort of Cervinia.

In the regions of Northern Italy: Lombardy, Trentino, South Tyrol and the North-West of the country in Aosta and Piedmont is located nearly seventy-ski resorts in Italy . And it’s thousands of miles of professionally trained of marked ski runs, alternating with areas for those who love the descent on virgin snow, modern chair lifts and rope tows.

In a unique area of the Dolomites . there are the famous ski resorts of Italy . long attract your extraordinary beauty millions of skiers from around the world.

There are opportunities for children’s activities. For example, in Limone Piemonte at a height of 1400 m is a children’s Park “Kinder Park” . It offers young skiers — inflatable slides various sizes and other fun stuff.

Winter sales in Italy

During the winter sales discounts sold things from demi-season and winter wardrobe. It is very convenient because these things can be to wear the current winter, spring and next fall. On winter sales you can buy with good discounts warm jackets, coats, boots, shoes. Summer on the sales of these things almost never happen.

Mainly sales begin at the end of the first week of January. The store was officially passes 60 days (i.e. until the beginning of March), but according to the observations, in tourist cities (Milan, Rimini, Rome), where a major influx of tourists, by the end of February remains a very small proportion of unsold things.

Note Shopaholic

• should Not succumb to the universal hype and think that everything sold out in the first days. Things shops are distributed in equal proportions on all the time.

• In the early days the smallest discounts (from 30%).

• At the end of January already maximum discounts everywhere, not so many people and quite a large range.

• do Not include (or include in the last turn) to route shopping shops mass-market type Zara, H&M, Berska, etc. if your city already have such stores. The range of prices in these stores are very similar in different countries, you will only be wasting your time. In Italy there is not a huge number of such well-known brands, which for the price is going to cost the same, but the quality you’ll enjoy it more.

• Wholesale stores special discounts in the sales season does not happen – there all year round things sell at wholesale prices.

Myths about shopping in Italy

Myth # 1: “On sales is worth 10-20 euros” and myth # 2: “even in the boutiques during the sales everything is expensive”. If things brand class “luxury”, as Max Mara or Gucci, even with a 50% discount things will not cost 10-15 euros. If you focus on cheap stuff, choose a little-known Italian mark of the middle segment.

Winter in Italy – summary:

A huge number of attractions that will remain in your memory for a long time. Cheap tickets and housing prices (excluding holiday periods).

The high season for ski tourism. The carnival of Venice. Great shopping and good mood!

Go with the “GAS-tour” in a trip to Italy and have an unforgettable stay! We offer classical tours to Italy and bus tours through Europe.

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