Theatre autumn at lake Baikal

The St. Petersburg theatre artist Orlov says he loves to be in Moscow because the Kremlin every time there is elsewhere. This comes to mind, when at sunset we arrive in August Utulik, at the festival “Theatre autumn at lake Baikal”: despite the tradition, here we always expect surprises, surprises, neproduvaemosti. This and wonderful gatherings of theatre-goers on the shore of the great lake.

Since 1990 Utulik is a home “Theater of autumn at lake Baikal”. The current rally theatregoers under the shadow of the great lake was 17-M. 1990, the source, is because for a long time. Not all members of the current “Autumn” light was on. And 17 – the numbers were impressive. The participants of the Irkutsk theatre “Suburb”, visited recently at the all-Russian festival “Success” in shelukovo, I wondered: “wow! “Success” is only seventh, and “Autumn on lake Baikal” – the seventeenth!”.

“Suburb”, “Revelation”, the students of the music College from Irkutsk, “sprout” and “Freak” from Angarsk, “Communication”, “the Tale” and the club of creative youth from Usolye-Siberian, “the Ark” from Tomsk saddled several stages. Was shown by A. Vampilov, V. Rasputin, L. Zorina, L. Yengibaryan, Jean-Paul Sartre, Daniil Kharms, playwrights of the new wave.

Aura of the place on lake Baikal always takes in full. And even comes with an invisible part in the performances – they are there, notice everything go a little differently than at home. Although since then, as at the recreation petrochemical “Utulik” collapsed club, handy stage platforms no. When the audience is typed a little more, to look hard, uncomfortable. And yet it is – Baikal, festival, holiday, hugs with old acquaintances and the birth of new sympathies and affections. And the performances are always new, usually just baked – piping hot. Sometimes it just burn that long may not recover.

This time the organizers of the festival – the Department for culture Angarsk municipality and the theatre “Freak” from the Palace of culture petrochemical – risked and gave three performances at the House of culture of settlement Utulik, although it is from the base of rest “Utulik”, festival of refuge, is located at a known distance. Guide Slyudyanka district and the Department of culture welcomed the “dramatic fall”. Bow with the local population and local authorities – the news of the Baikal festival, although this is only the first step towards each other.

In the festival prologue sounded a poem of Bulat Okudzhava about the colors. The poet’s words supported colored scarves in the hands of “weirdos”, which they playfully manipulated.

Mix these paints, as


in his heart. And then

mix this heart and passion

with the sky, the earth. And then –

the key is to burn

and burning, not to lament about.

May be, and who will condemn first,

but don’t forget later.

The prologue was completed composed Angarski bard Irina Evdokimova festival song, energetic and catchy. And the participants were given colored scarves, each in a different color. This colour tide, a rainbow of colors have become a sign of “Theatre of autumn” No. 17. What can I say – multiplicity.

The festival was in full swing young blood: the program was a four-student team. One of them is a veteran of the Baikal theatrical meetings “Suburb” of the Irkutsk technical University. The Director Larissa Serikova-Kirkira is a veteran of the Amateur theatre movement in the Irkutsk region. Their performance of “cat on a radiator” had their own special face: it is located in the center of the room, and the audience – around, as in the circus. End-to-end review. In addition, the characters of the drama were duplicated and our eyes had to substitute for each other, enriching the characters and the situations. Another brought a “Suburb” job – a modern classic: the story of V. Rasputin “Rodolfo”, which gives the ability to create deep characters and subtle psychological moves.

Student Armada supported newcomers to “Fall” Tomsk “Ark” of Siberian state medical University. Very nice introductions: new faces, new repertoire.

Tomsk medical University brought the play “Oleanna” play by contemporary American playwright David Mamet’s. Original, witty piece. First, Professor tortures his student for her careless attitude to learning. Then everything turns upside down and she, a young extremist, a modern young bitch, takes precedence: blackmailing the Professor, quickly gaining on him, threatening blackmail, gives instance in a terrible complaint, it is unexpected to her touch throws attempted violence, etc. all of which does it easily, effortlessly, without straining. For her, modern individuals, this is a natural way of life. Yes, all of this with the American aspiration. In the final, the Professor from powerlessness and despair beats up student, for which, apparently, shall all pay dearly. She was the winner. Didn’t realize it, whom to contact, times new. From Tomsk “Oleanna” were all awesome.

Amateur theatre has long been universally die, unable to withstand modern commercial Vice. But here in new Irkutsk Institute – SIPEO (Siberian Institute of law, Economics and management) – theatre “Revelation” was born. They showed a play based on stories by A. Vampilov. It is directed by theatre Faith Poskrebyshev. It is their very beginning, which is always great promises of the future. In what the river will become a nice source? While younger charm and infectiousness of them does not hold.

For the first time the festival was attended by checka program. Performers – students of the Irkutsk College of music Julia Caspian plant of precision mechanics and Peter Sokolov. They learn academic vocal, but there they are in the curriculum and subjects such as art, acting technique, which leads the candidate of pedagogical Sciences Galina Stone. They read confidently grabbing the viewer’s attention, “chick” Vyacheslav Shishkov and composition by Yevgeny Yevtushenko. And then, at the request of the public, and sung – in that they are the masters and professionals. Nice has developed the evening.

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