Unusual ideas for celebrating the birth of the child

7 original ideas — how to celebrate a child’s birthday

Birthday is the most awaited and favorite holiday for any child. For this reason, all loving parents try to make every effort to make the celebration truly memorable.

Today, there are a number of different way of organizing such events, which are able to make children happy and give him a huge amount of pleasant experiences.

Idea # 1: the Party-the quest for younger shopaholics

The venue of this party is the trade-entertainment center-large sizes.

So unusual to celebrate the holiday it is necessary to invite so many guests that they could be divided into two opposing teams.

In advance, a list of necessary purchases, which should consist of goods that are sold in various stores. The list should include inexpensive items with a detailed description.

Each team must have your own shopping list, consisting of similar products.

Before the competition must be divided into teams and each of them, handing an envelope with a pre-prepared list and money needed to make purchases.

The winner will be the first team to complete the task.

Idea # 1: Football party in honor of the birthday

For such a party must make a special t-shirt and an invitation for each child in the shape of a football.

Next to it is interesting to note children’s party you need to decorate the room by making it look like a stadium. For these purposes, perfect garland banners with the football stars and tablecloths green colour.

As treats for guests to fit almost all, that somehow is associated with football.

The ideal option can be chips, pizza, and other dishes of this type. Be sure to order a delicious cake, made the shape of a football.

Dividing the children into two teams, there should be a variety of competitions, each time zaschitila goal the losing team. After all the contests the winner will be that team, which account will be the least of their goals.

Idea # 1: a Holiday in the style of Winx

A huge number of little girls just loved the popular series Winx. Therefore, your daughter will absolutely love it if you gave her birthday in style.

The venue it is best to choose an entertainment center or cafe. The room should be arranged in a delicate green and pink. Helium balloons mounted near the ceiling, is the perfect complement to the decor.

For every girl invited to the party, you need to make the suit a young fairy with a bright wig and nylon wings.

Little fairies must perform a variety of tasks, and as a presenter must be a wizard or a magician.

Idea # 1: birthday in the flower garden

The event, organized in this style, perfect for girls aged up to 8 years. The venue can be a city Park or lawn near the house, of course, if the weather permits.

Invitations for the guests must be performed in the form of different colors. Directly at the event with the help of these prompts you can I draw flowers on the birthday child. Each flower will correspond to a specific prize.

For the organization of the event will need: garden furniture, and bright tablecloths. In addition, we will need to order more artificial colors and decorating with their help, selected the clearing.

The host of the event plays the role of a gardener. You can come up with various contests. For example, children distribute the beans and offer them to throw in a pre-prepared plastic containers.

Idea # 1: the Unusual world of fairy tale

This idea of the feast is sure to please children aged 6-9 years. For the event you will need two adult facilitators.

For the holiday will need a spacious room that you want to execute in fairytale style, with fairy lights and images of characters from favorite fairy tales.

As entertainment the children can be offered the game “In search of the stolen birthday”. In the beginning, children need to display various items and offer, what tales they related.

For example, they are shown a thermometer and they have to guess the story of Dr. Dolittle. Then you need to divide all the kids into two teams and line them up in a line.

After this, they need to pass a cardboard thermometers from armpit to armpit. All other competitions should be conducted on the same principle.

Idea # 1: Pirate birthday party

A holiday in this style are sure to appeal to boys under the age of 9 years. This event is recommended in the home, but if you want you can adapt the script for the cafe.

One of the rooms should be issued in the form of the captain’s cabin, through a variety of themed accessories, as well as make a round porthole frame.

After all children will be gathered, the captain should invite them to the table, and leading into the Jack Sparrow costume have to offer them child to drink champagne to the health of the captain.

In an empty bottle of a leading brand should accidentally find a treasure map, which the children will be asked to find a treasure.

Idea # 7: Chinese children’s party

The event in this style is perfect for a birthday party at the age of 6-10. According to the original idea of the celebration you want to make room in the Chinese style with garlands and thematic pictures.

As entertainment ideal the game of “make-Believe”. You need to introduce all the invited guests with the history of Chinese civilization.

The game is that the presenter will articulate the various allegations of China, and the children have to guess true or not. The winner will be the child that less time will be mistaken.

Next, the facilitator should familiarize children with the basics of origami and offer them on their own to create simple figures.

After he put all the figures in one box, pulls out one at random and propose to guess what it depicts. The winner will be the child who guesses more figures.

Interesting party for children proposed in the next video:

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