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In early 2012, the Finnish band NIGHTWISH returns to live performances. This long-awaited event for all fans of the band, and, of course, musicians will try to be in every country where they are going. But the concert in his hometown of Helsinki will be a real event of the year, because for the Finnish NIGHTWISH fans not just favorite band, and national treasure.

The company “Visit” invites you to a concert of NIGHTWISH, which will be held on March 10,  in Helsinki. The concert will be held at the ice Palace Hartwall Areena

Tour concert bands AGALLOCH and GHOST BRIGADE in Helsinki

One of the most famous post-black metal bands of our time, the American team AGALLOCH will appear in Europe in April 2012 with a small tour. Closest to Russia the concert will be held at the youth center Helsinki on 7 April. Don’t miss out!

For a company with AGALLOCH will perform rising stars doom metal – Finnish band GHOST BRIGADE, which is now familiar to most fans of the genre.

Tour concert band KILLING JOKE in Helsinki

Want to look at the group, which became the ancestor of all modern pop and industrial has long deserved to be called the classics of post-punk? Now, the British KILLING JOKE embark on a European tour to present to the public their new material, but at the same time to please old-fashioned hits. Perhaps the concert in Helsinki’s new album, KILLING JOKE will go on sale, especially since it is produced by the Finnish company Spinefarm Records.

Tour concert band THE RASMUS in Stockholm

Finnish band THE RASMUS returns from vacation and starts to be active. In 2012, the group will represent Finland in the Eurovision song contest 2012 and will release their new album.

For the first time in public, the musicians will appear at concerts as part of a short European tour in may 2012. Well, the very first concert will take place in Stockholm on 7 may, we invite you to attend the four-day tour to Sweden.

Tour concert BLACK SABBATH in Helsink

After the cessation of the activities of the group HEAVEN AND HELL rose again the rumors about the reunion of BLACK SABBATH in classical composition. For a long time I refused everything from Ozzy Osbourne and ending with Tony Iommi. But, apparently, murder will out, so when in the fall of 2011, the rumors about the return of BLACK SABBATH was finally confirmed, no one was particularly surprised. But all were very happy, because people have a real opportunity to see the legendary band that started heavy metal.

That reunion was planned long ago, just kept secret, it was clear by how quickly was the published schedule of the tour. Just a week after the solemn announcement of the reunion went the news of the world tour dates, which will begin in may 2012 with concerts in Europe.

The company “Visit” invites all fans of BLACK SABBATH in concert at the ice Palace in Helsinki, which will be held on may 23, 2012.

Tour to the MOTLEY CRUE concert in Helsinki

Rockin’ Helsinki on the scale does not reach a full-fledged festival, as it stands all 3 groups, but this is definitely an event that is worthy of attention. Coincidence or not, but the organizers of the concert managed to make a real feast for all lovers of glam rock, because the whole evening the audience will be entertained by the group MOTLEY CRUE, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR and CRASHDIET. Anyone interested in such music, he may not know these names. And all of this will take place in the heart of Helsinki, Kaisaniemi Park. By the way, this is the same area where until recently, there was the festival Tuska Open Air.

The company “Visit” invites you to a concert of MOTLEY CRUE, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR and CRASHDIET, which will be held on 7 June 2012 in Helsinki. Inexpensive day tour can be extended with additional days in Helsinki at will.

A tour of the Bruce Springsteen concert in Helsinki

The long-awaited Bruce Springsteen concert in Helsinki on 31 July 2012, 4 years after his last visit to Finland.

This time Springsteen with his E STREET BAND will perform in Helsinki in the framework of a European tour in support of their new album “Wrecking Ball”, which was released in spring 2012.

The company “Visit” invites all admirers of Bruce Springsteen on a Grand concert, which will be held on 31 July 2012 at the Olympic stadium of Helsinki. Standard one-day tour can be optionally expanded with additional free days in Helsinki.

Tour concert RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS in Tampere

RHCP continue their triumphal comeback world tour. In the summer of 2012 the band returned to Europe, where he will speak at several large open air festivals, and solo stadium concerts.

The company “Visit” invites everyone to attend the concert of RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS in Tampere, which will be held on August 1, 2012 at Ratinan stadium.

We remind you that our trips can take part, all Russian citizens regardless of residence. Thanks ambassadorial accreditation our company has the ability to issue visas including nonresident (not St. Petersburg) tourists.

All group tours will start from St. Petersburg. Air tours from Moscow under the order.

All the tourists are provided with a full set of services: visa, transportation, hotel and of course a ticket to the concert. Furthermore, concert tickets can be purchased separately from the tour. They are in stock at our office in St. Petersburg.

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