WATCH new year’s EVE

Undoubtedly, New year – one of the most exciting festivals in the world. All mankind is celebrating it in a big way. But there are people who are on duty can not relax – they are at this time applied. Doctors, rescue workers, communications workers, police and many others, the responsibility to provide security to ordinary citizens. Today we tell about those who change took place on new year’s eve.

Police are on the alert

For Kuanysh Kabaeva . coming on duty on new year’s eve celebration – another big load. He – police officer and his direct responsibility for the shift – to be at this time, vigilant and alert in case of anything criminal squads of guardians of the law who will be in emergency mode to patrol the city of Atyrau on holidays.

– Nothing can be done, service is service. Meet New year in the building of a municipal government of internal Affairs. In principle, this is not surprising, because that is our profession. Besides I’m not alone, so to speak, “get” – all police oil capital will be raised “in the gun”. After all, a holiday celebration, and criminals are not asleep, take the opportunity. This is not my first duty in the New year and, I think, not the last. Fortunately, the past Christmas holidays, when I had my shift, nothing terrible happened. I hope that on this night, nothing will happen. Of course, I want to celebrate the New year with family, but I have to be on duty.

I wish the Atyrau in the coming year 2013, happiness, money, health, in General, a whole slew of Goodies! And let will come true that they will make. But just to good.

No one is hurt!

Senior physician Atyrau ambulance Laura Zhanysbaeva wants a feast for all the inhabitants of the oil capital has passed without any accidents.

– This is my first duty in the new year’s eve. Don’t even know what awaits me, but I’m ready for this, because my first year working in the field of medicine. So don’t get used. Of course, anything can happen. There’s not that new year’s eve – on a normal day is full of different challenges. It is especially difficult to reach, when traffic jams on the roads or the drivers won’t stop. Hope that in the night of 31 December to 1 January, and in the following days will be fewer calls. Or may not be. I to ensure that our residents and guests of the regional center was all good. And, in General, to fall to us, may all – injured in an accident, the challenges posed by food poisoning or poor-quality alcohol, cores, strained as a result of heavy load from the festivities. We will try to help everyone according to their capabilities.

I wish in the new year, so we are not frightened any “end of the world” and other terrible things. Well, along the line of his profession – no one is hurt, and only good health!

Congratulate your loved ones

Elena Krasnova – man, on which depends the life of the whole field. She – specialist operations control center of JSC “Kazakhtelecom” in Atyrau. Elena controls all the communication channels in the oil capital and district centers.

– Until then, I have four times appeared on the change from 31 December to 1 January. In fact, my job is very responsible – to ensure that there was no failure. It is not only ordinary residents of the regional center, here are the various agencies. Almost all the departments, emergency services, ambulance – imagine, if you will not work the link! This was an emergency. Now it is simply impossible to imagine modern life without a phone. And always a pleasure to call family or friends who are in another part of the country or the world, to congratulate happy New year. Our group monitors the quality of the signal ensures that there are no breakages. Fortunately, for all of my duties in the New year, no such cases arose. Sometimes, of course, when during the renovation, the workers damage the cable. In our center, there’s a warning system, alarm, and a special map we can see where it happened. Theft of cable took place as well. But, I hope this New year nothing bad will happen. How I will celebrate? Yes, as always, in the work environment. Will greet relatives and friends from here. And all Atyrau wish in the new year 2013, only the most positive light and to always be in a great mood!

Night without fire

Public holidays all employees of the fire service work in the strengthened mode. Atyrau use different types of fireworks, often without respecting the basic rules of safety.

New year’s eve intrudes on duty squad leader FH-1 city management “Service firefighting and rescue operations” of the emergency Department of Atyrau region Erbol Isabaev.

– In the field of fire safety work since 1996 – tells Erbol. – being a fireman is not easy. The main purpose of our business – it is the elimination of a fire, saving the lives of the people of our region. We do everything in our power. To be on duty on New year’s eve I fell a few times, for me it is not something new.

Of course, the risk of fire during the holidays is especially great, as the Atyrau use various kinds of pyrotechnics. Often the fire the fire takes place on the balconies of apartment houses, as people, forgetting about basic safety rules, at the moment of firing of a salute, fall into the window of their neighbors. People “salute” sometimes even from the Windows. Of course, we provide special equipment to extinguish the fire in multi-storey residential buildings.

Watch new year’s eve are different. There were cases when the fire eliminated before the New year and until morning. But, fortunately, such cases are rare. Most of the night passes without any incidents.

Christmas cheer all want. But for us the holiday – it is a calm area residents. We bear a double responsibility. We must be as prepared as possible for any situation to work in emergency mode, because in such moments can be multiple calls at once. Be especially careful on new year’s eve in a holiday mood, you can forget about fire safety, risking a fire.

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