What are the national holidays in England?

Always interesting and useful to study the life of other peoples, countries, travel to these countries, to get acquainted with the life of people. A full understanding of the country and its people not get without seeing the celebrations, held in a particular place, the peculiarities of their conduct.

When communicating with any person it comes to England, just remember the famous double-Decker red buses, big Ben. the soldiers in the fine form, the Queen, Stonehenge, the Prime Meridian. But sightseeing is not the whole country. Many holidays in England unknown to the common man. And they are quite interesting and different from holiday dates in other countries.

The variety of holidays in England

Immediately it should be noted that English holidays similar dates with holidays in Wales and Northern Ireland, but somewhat different from holidays in Scotland.

Public holidays in England are called “Bank”, which means the official weekend among Bank and other organizations. Informal activities are also in abundance are the British does not mean weekend, but are, nevertheless, rapidly, as, for example, April fool’s Day jokes and pranks on this day are present even on TV and in the local press.

National English holidays, as in other countries, are related to historical events for the country of great importance. One of the main these days the English is the Day of Saint George, as the Irish have St. Patrick’s Day, Scots – St. Andrew’s Day, and the people of Wales – the Day of Saint David.

The Feast Of St. George

Saint George is the patron Saint of England. The festival takes place on 23 April (coinciding with the day of the birth and death of William Shakespeare). St. George spoke out against the persecution of Christians, for which he was executed. He is considered the epitome of bravery, protection of the weak and oppressed.

It is worth noting that almost all of the celebration, except Christmas, New year and Easter, the English fall on Monday.

The most public holidays the British conduct in the family circle, in a quiet home atmosphere, but folk festival, originating from the depth of centuries, or various festivals conducted so that every tourist would like to go to England during this festive madness.

The main event is the British

The beginning of the year – January 1, as in other countries, accounted for the celebration of the New Year, but in England this event is not as large as, for example, in Russia. Still, the main new year’s celebration for the British is the Catholic Christmas, attributable at the year end, on December 25.

Christmas in England

It is associated with Christmas lush celebration, traditional treats in the form of a stuffed Turkey, pudding. Also have Boxing Day, celebrated on 26 December, and Christmas day, December 27th, which is the official weekend. English people traditionally decorate their homes with candles, berries, fir-tree branches, Christmas socks.

Another English holiday that has spread throughout the world today is Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day (14 February). This usually implies a romantic evening, when lovers exchange gifts in the form of hearts, postcards-Valentines.

Similar to our traditional holiday of the 8th of March is mother’s Day in England. He is celebrated on March 10. Women are made to rest, and men to help them on the farm. Before the feast was a Church and was called Sunday to the mother (fell on the fourth Sunday of lent), but then teamed up with the secular holiday now and always takes place on March 10.

April 1 is celebrated humorous April fool’s Day or April fool’s Day. Now also, this holiday is, of course, non-official, has spread everywhere. On this day friends are throwing each other jokes, make fun of each other.

England is a monarchy, the British love and revere their Queen, so universally celebrated her birthday, twice a year. Real Queen’s birthday falls on April 21, but celebrate the birthday of the monarch in England on the second Saturday of June. In this day gets a ball, held a parade and review of troops.

Birthday of the Queen of England

Easter usually falls in March or April and are held in many countries, but the honours of the feast in England are its characters: the Easter hare or rabbit, which means abundance, and Easter chocolate eggs.

The first Monday of may is an official holiday and is called the Day of spring. It is associated with the English Robin hood, and is held in the form of parades and folk festivals.

Spring day in England

Summer activities are concentrated in August. The last Monday in August falls on August day of rest, and the output is considered official. In this day together with the family to go on nature. On the last Sunday of August is celebrated the Carnival in Notting hill . The two-day carnival celebrations, where everyone dresses up, in its own way, constantly hear music, fairs, exhibitions.

Also, like some others around the world now spread holiday called all saints Day or Halloween (October 31). Official weekends he certainly is not, but is celebrated by many. The symbol of Halloween is the pumpkin with the slits in the form of a face and a candle inside. On this day young people depicts various evil spirits and scare each other.

November 5 night spend bonfire Night or guy Fawkes Night. who in the 17th century tried to blow up the London Parliament. On this night, burn his effigy, fireworks, and bonfires. This national holiday is kind of a farewell to autumn.

The Guy Fawkes Night

At the end of the year, from December 1 till Christmas begins advent . during which the British are planning a Christmas weekend and preparing for the main festive day: buy gifts and make various Christmas symbols.

Understand and better see what events are in England spend, and how lavish their mark, we can safely say that the talks about the restraint of the British is largely untrue, at least during folk festivals. Whatever looked Prim and closed the British side, and they know how to have fun as well as you.

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