Where to go in the fall or what events will be worldwide in this season?

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Autumn is a beautiful time of year around the world.

In this season in some parts of the globe happen truly unique events that are not to be missed. Therefore, for anyone who is going to go on vacation in this wonderful time of the year, we will give advice which places to visit first.

Starting from September!Where to go in September

For those who don’t have time to spend a hot summer on the beach . lie in the sun and swim in the warm waters, you need to catch up quickly in the beginning of autumn. You can go to Croatia, where it’s Sunny and the water is not lower than 25 degrees. You can also visit the Crimea, because it is in this time drops true heat, and many tourists leave the most famous beaches of this place. During this time, you can go to the Crimea at an affordable price and take a swim in the warm sea and bask in the sun.

Freeze from frost? Go on a winter vacation at sea. Warmer climes are not forced to wait!

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Now you need to pay attention to very bright autumn events that occur around the globe in September. One of the most fun and colorful events will be the Oktoberfest . But begins in late September and lasts until the first days of October. These days in Munich is going to many people, filled with large mugs of beer and eating traditional sausages. Sounds like something ordinary, but when you get to the center of these events and see around so many great parties and fun activities, then you certainly will not regret visiting this festival.

a wine festival. In early September on the island of Malapa on the street put up huge tables with different types of wines and a delicious treat. Every visitor of this place can try any wine, and even down to the legendary cellars. It is here that you can find rare wines for every taste.

If you lack a bit of romance and you would like autumn to watch the falling leaves in beautiful parks, then I suggest you visit the huge new York. It parks in the fall just unique . Especially here in September will be just fine, as it will be quite easy cool, great views of the Golden leaves and colorful parks of the capital.

If you really love animals and just can’t break away from the discovery channel, then you’ll have a great time on the island of Bartolome. It is in September, then begins the breeding season of penguins, sea lions and pelicans. Here you can watch the males will gently take care ladies and to feel in the transmission on the channel about animals.

Where to go on holiday in October

Now that we’ve planned the trip for September, you can move on to the second month of beautiful fall — by October. In October you can visit Barcelona, because in this season there will be many interesting things for holidaymakers. In autumn there will be very cool to swim in the canals and rivers, because you will see the beautiful village where you will already begin to Mature truffles. After that, you can visit the famous vineyards and enjoy the rare taste of wine. And in the Loire valley you can visit the world-famous castles. This is the time of year where there will be great weather, warm air and beautiful views of nature.

Don’t forget that in October, celebrating the famous and terrifying holiday — Halloween. A place where its very bright note, of course, is the United States. Here in October, you can find in stores huge selection of fancy dress costumes vampire and witch. And at various festivals in honor of this holiday we meet on the street zombies and werewolves.

If you lack the extreme and share of adrenaline, then be sure to visit Halloween in this place. Believe me, the thrill and fun will be provided for you. Experiment, and put on some fun and incredibly scary outfit. Scare a passer-by and tell them the traditional “trick or treat!” and then you will get into the festive spirit.

The events of November worldwide!Where to go on vacation in November

November will delight us with a colourful and cheerful festivals around the world. In November in India and Sri Lanka will be held the festival of lights, Diwali. The spectacle of this festival is simply stunning! During the period of this festival all the houses, shops and streets lit many lamps and candles. The sky is almost always filled with bright fireworks. Here, it would be impossible to distinguish night from day, because even at night will be very light.

Taking a vacation is choosing where to go in the spring .Remember! Already from the beginning of may, in some countries you can safely swim and suntan.

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For lovers of diving and fishing in autumn it is recommended to go to the Bahamas in the fall . Unique beaches and wonderful nature here are famous around the world. It was at this time there swimming season opens, and the water will be warm as fresh milk. It is worth noting that during this period the prices in all the restaurants and hotels are reducing, so it is beneficial to go to this place, to bathe, to swim and bask in the sun just under the end of autumn.

Also if you are a gambler and love sports, this race will be and for you the world’s most important event. Also in Australia you can go diving in the vicinity of the Great Barrier reef. During this period there are not many jellyfish and you can swim underwater and admire the spectacular views.


Well, now you know where you can spend a vacation in the fall, these three months remember you for all my life. It is not necessary to visit all these places, because you can choose only a couple of countries with the most loved entertainment and events and go straight there. Then these holidays and simple autumn days will be unforgettable for you .

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