Winter carnival in Kotor

The festival Which has been held for many decades and attracts to the city thousands of curious tourists. The residents of Kotor so I love this event that is now held even twice a year — the largest winter carnival and more modest in mid-summer.

Winter Kotor carnival famous far beyond the borders of the country. It attracts visitors and participants from all over Europe and neighbouring countries. During the holidays the streets of Kotor decorated with garlands and colorful posters, constantly filled with brightly dressed performers.

There are children carnivals and competitions, discos in masquerade masks, concerts. Along the streets, organize the shelves, where you can buy local delicacies (wine. cheese, prosciutto, etc.). A traditional symbol of the carnival are the masks.

This year’s Winter Carnival in Kotor will begin February 15, and the celebration will last until February 23. Organizers this year have become the Cultural centre of Kotor “Nikola Đurković” and the Tourist organization of Kotor, the patron of the carnival was organized by the municipality of Kotor.

As before, the streets will be lined up by thousands of tourists and residents of Kotor, Gad, than this year will be the surprise of many participants of the rally. In the Carnival attended by everyone from young to old.

The participants come here from other cities, are combined in a creative group, and then create costumes based on a given by the organizers. With what care the participants think through the costumes, affects anyone who goes to the Carnival for the first time.

Believe me, many costumes are made so professionally that can give odds to the best costumes of the Venetian carnival. Many groups make large figures and small mobile platforms to make their March even more noticeable for the audience and the jury. In the end, it was the jury chooses the best group awards and prizes.

The procession is complete without music: brass bands, to the horror of the famous Kotor cats, marching along with the participants of the carnival, and they have the support lovely majorettes. They are divided into teams, and you can see the shape and suits.

Much love from the audience enjoyed the beginners team majorettes, under the age of 10 years.

To not get bored from the small audience, waiting for the procession will reach the city centre. they are entertained by clowns and entertainers. When people in masks and costumes fill the center of the city, begins the meeting of the jury selects the best three groups, while the guests and the participants are having fun, listening to live music and entertainers.

The most interesting action takes place on the last day of carnival, when the city’s main street and in the Old town, parade participants. On the same day, the jury determines the winners among the participants in the carnival procession. Winning authors of the most original and colorful costumes.

And the end of the carnival solemn burning on the beach, huge stuffed animals, which is popularly called the MiTo Ergonomical and blame all their woes, such as bad weather, crop failure, lack of sun and so on.

You can draw a parallel between the Winter carnival in Kotor and our carnival, which is also customary to burn an effigy.

The history carnival is rooted in centuries past — it is known that the masked men were passing along the streets of Kotor in the late 19th century. However, during the Second World war and decades after the carnival was not performed while in the 1960s was not decided to resume this wonderful tradition.

According to the organizers, this event should represent the rich cultural heritage of this region, to show through the Carnival not only Filed, but the whole Montenegro.

Do not miss the chance to attend this unique event every year at the Carnival in Kotor attracts thousands of people from around the world. Bored you just do not have!

And not to miss the most interesting, save this program of events that will take place in celebration of Carnival in Kotor:

15.02. in 15:00 — 15.02. 17:00 — the Opening program of the winter carnival in Kotor, Great hall of the Cultural center “Nikola Djurković” (“Nikola Đurković”). The procession ends in the city centre. Then the celebration will continue at the cultural center “Nikola Djurković” at 19:00.

15.02. in 21:00 — 15.02. 23:00 — Carnival in Kindness, building MZ Dobrota.

15.02. in 21:00 — 15.02. 23:00 — Children masquerade in škaljari, the House of culture škaljari.

15.02 22:00 — All comers are invited to a traditional masquerade, which will be held in the club “Maximus”.

16.02 — Small children masquerade will be held in the building of MZ Prčanj — beginning at 14:00.

17.02 — Child masquerade in the hall of the primary school “Njegoš” (Kotor) — start 14:00.

18.02 — In the cultural centre “Nikola Đurković” at 19:00 you can hear the musicians perform music in the style of the proven valves — a type of a Capella singing, characteristic of this region.

19.02 — “Concert in masks” will be held in the Church.Spirit — beginning at 19:00.

19.02. in 19:00 — 19.02. 20:30 — the Musical is called “the Magic train” (Studio of modern dance, ballet and majorettes “Alice” from Kotor), Great hall of the Cultural center “Nikola Djurković”.

20.02 — Children theatrical performances will be held in the cultural centre “Nikola Đurković” — beginning at 19:00.

21.02 — Fashion show and presentation of tools and techniques for carnival Grimm “štuke i pitura che bella figura” in TC “Kamelija” at 18:00. On the same day in ” Galerija solidarnosti,” the concert of Stephen Perucica (flute) — beginning at 19:00.

. 19:00 — 21.02.2014. 21:00 — School masquerade, the Training centre of Kotor.

. 19:00 — 21.02.2014. 22:00 — Pransky carnival, Prcanj.

. 15:00 — 22.02.2014. 20:00 — Brcanska Pašticada, Prcanj.

. 19:00 — 22.02.2014. 22:00 — Traditional Winter carnival, the Old town of Kotor.

22.02 — Concert a proven valves “Pasika” in the Church. Spirit — beginning at 19:00. In addition, the MZ building Dobrota masquerade will be held beginning at 21:00.

22.02 22:00 — All are invited to a traditional masquerade, which will be held in the club “Maximus”.

23.02 14:00 – Closing of the winter carnival in Kotor. The carnival procession through the main street of the city and Old town.

23.02 16:00 to 18:00 — Concert band Slatka Tajna, the announcement of winners of the winter Kotor carnival. Armas.

And here is the poster of the carnival from opstina Kotor:

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